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Ariana Grande’s jaw drops as The Voice contestant performs her song

Ariana Grande’s jaw drops as The Voice contestant performs her song
‘I am honoured that you sang my song’ singer said

Ariana Grande’s jaw dropped after The Voice contestant Gymani performed a “phenomenal” vocal performance of her song “POV”.

During Tuesday (21 september) night’s premiere of the reality show, de Georgia-based singer turned all four chairs, leaving all the judges blown away.

“That’s your song now, take it!” Grande excitedly said after Gymani’s performance. “That was phenomenal. There were so many alterations to the melody, and I trusted every single one of them, and I believed that each and every one of them had an intention.”

La hun til: “I am honoured that you sang my song and I would be so honoured to have you on my team.”

Fellow coach, Kelly Clarkson la til: “Your voice is why this show exists.”

The Voice is a OSS reality show where contestants are selected through public auditions and trained by a panel of four coaches who guide and critique their performances in an attempt to discover America’s next great voice.

This is the first time Grande has joined The Voice. She replaced Nick Jonas, who was featured as a coach on seasons 20 og 18.

Other coaches on this season’s panel include Clarkson, John Legend og Blake Shelton.

Shelton has been a coach for all of The Voice’S 20 seasons so far, since the first episode in 2011. Legend joined for season 16 and Clarkson became a full-time coach on season 14. Both have remained on the roster ever since.

Gymani ended up choosing Clarkson as her mentor when it was time to choose her coach.