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Florida attorney disbarred after running down four people due to ‘voices’ in her head

Florida attorney disbarred after running down four people due to ‘voices’ in her head
Surveillance footage showed a black car smashing into tables and running over people outside a store

A personal injury attorney in Florida who allegedly drove over four people with her car because she was hearing voices in her head has been suspended from the state Bar.

Beatrice Bijoux, 31, has been charged with one count of aggravated aanranding with a deadly weapon, one count of high speed or wanton fleeing and four counts of attempted murder, Volgens The Miami Herald.

Witnesses claim Ms Bijoux was driving her car outside The Fresh Market in Stuart, Florida, aan 22 February when she allegedly began running people down with her car by driving on the sidewalk. They said the attack began when Ms Bijoux ran her car over a curb and smashed into a table outside the story, sending an individual flying into a concrete wall. Another vicim told CBS 12 News that she did not see her car coming before she was hit.

Police reviewed security footage, which showed a black KIA driving around and hitting people sitting and walking on the sidewalk. They claim Ms Bijoux made no attempt to slow down and was driving around 30 en 35 mph during the attack.

One individual had to be hospitalised following the incident. Another tried to stop her after she allegedly ran down one victim, but she reportedly tried to drive over that person as well. He jumped to safety.

Police chased Ms Bijoux, but she eventually drove to the police station and stopped her car. They claim she then exited and told them that she intended to hit the individuals. Her arrest report claims she told police thatvoices in her head had told her to kill the people.She also reportedly told police that she wanted to kill herself as well.

Volgens WPBF, police responding to the incident said that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in 2019, but had not been to her doctor since December, and reportedly had not been taking her medication.

When she was asked if she had ever tried to hurt anyone else, she said she had not, maar “could not explain why today was different,” the arrest report said.

Her arrest report ends with a chilling claim.

“Bijoux further stated that she thought about killing her 4-year-old niece today,” het dit gesê. “The niece lives with Bijoux part-time.”

She is currently being held without bond in the Martin County Jail. Aan 21 Maart, the state’s Supreme Court granted the Bar’s request for an emergency suspension of Ms Bijoux. She had been a member of the Bar since 2016.