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Coleen Rooney says marriage story hit at ‘vulnerable time’ – viver

 Coleen Rooney says marriage story hit at ‘vulnerable time’ - viver
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Coleen Rooney has told the High Court she was in a “vulnerable position” when a story about her marriage to Wayne Rooneythat she believes was leaked from her private Instagramhit the press.

She discussed a story in O sol about the former England captain being allowed back into the family bed as she took the stand in her libel trial against fellow footballer’s wife Rebekah Vardy.

Ms Rooney also told the court her post naming-and-shaming Ms Vardy’s account as the suspected source of leaks to the press was her “last resort”.

The 36-year-old said she did not tell anyone about the ”sting” operationwhich earned her the nickname “Wagatha Christie” when revealed to her followersto try and work out who was behind the leaks.

Earlier in the morning, Ms Vardy revealed to the court she messaged Peter Andre and his wife about her now-infamous Ele se juntou ao grupo de comédia de improvisação e esquete Upright Citizens Brigade entrevista, in which she compared his private anatomy to a “chipolata”.

Ms Rooney is being sued by the wife of Premier League player Jamie Vardy for libel over the story leak accusations.


Recap: Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooneywhat is their friendship history?

As the fourth day of the trial comes to a close, we take a look back at the pair’s relationship over the years.

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Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney: What is their friendship history?

The footballer’s wives were first pictured together at a 2016 football match

Aisha Rimi13 Maio 2022 17:20

Court rises for the day

The High Court has risen for the day. Coleen Rooney will be back on the witness stand on Monday to resume her testimony.

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 16:32

Coleen Rooney asked her PR Rachel Monk if she could find out who the leak was in her Instagram followers.

In messages read out to court, Ms Rooney wrote: “It is the same person that has been telling the Sun, Is there anyway you can find out who their source is?”

She added later: “I’ve had this suspicion from the start that this is Rebekah Vardy. I don’t know if she’s got any attachments to the Sun.”

Speaking about message in court, Ms Rooney said: “I was trying to get more information and put it together with the information that I already had.

“I wanted to know whether there was a direct link with any journalist.”

Referring to Ms Vardy, ela disse: “There was no one else on my private Instagram who added up to being in the position to give this information over to the Sun.”

“The confirmation I wanted from Rachel Monk was journalist connectionsThat’s why I asked her.”

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 16:20

Coleen Rooney is being quizzed about scraping her Honda car

Coleen Rooney told the court: “I find it very strange that Mrs Vardy had to confirm my information to the Sun.

“It’s strange. I would never confirm a story on someone else’s behalfto a national newspaper.”

Ms Rooney is being quizzed about an Instagram post she put up on her private account in which she said half of her Honda car had been smashed up.

The court heard previously that Ms Vardy and her agent had talked about confirming information to the Sun about the car smash.

Ms Rooney said: “I find that strange that they could ask Mrs Vardy’s confirmation for information on my behalf.”

Ms Rooney was later asked about why press photographers were following her round Washington, taking photos of her damaged car.

Ms Rooney told the court: “I don’t understand why are the press are interested in most things. I wouldn’t be interestedI think most of it is ridiculous.”

Vardy’s lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson QC, respondeu: “Well maybe that’s something that everyone can agree on.”

The court started laughing and Ms Rooney smiled and laughed in the witness box.

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 16:00

Rooney says she expected Vardy to try and ‘pretend to be my friendif confronted privately

Coleen Rooney has said she thought Rebekah Vardy would “try to explain it away or pretend to be my friend” if she confronted her fellow footballer’s wife privately about alleged leaks.

She wrote in her witness statement: “Nobody had ever contacted me in advance of leaking my posts and stories to The Sun to ask if I was okay with iton the contrary, I had made it abundantly clear that I was unhappy about the leaks and they continued regardless.

“I took the view that enough warning had already been given and decided to go public.”

Ela continuou: “I had never actually spoken to Becky on the phone before, or met up just the two of us, so we didn’t really have that direct kind of relationship.

“I also knew that she had a very close relationship with the media so I thought that if I confronted her privately then she would probably just try to explain it away or pretend to be my friend and supportive, as she had done before, and then spin the narrative publicly.

“I was also fuming at the time.”

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 15:46

‘I am glad I’ve put an end to Becky’s behaviour’, Ms Rooney said

In her written witness statement, Coleen Rooney said she was “glad I have put an end” to the leaking of information she alleges Rebekah Vardy carried out.

Ms Rooney wrote: “I should add that my concerns went beyond my own posts.

“I knew that I could not be the only one whose trust was being abused by the culprit and I now know from having seen the WhatsApp exchanges between Becky and Caroline that Becky was leaking information about a whole range of other people too.

“I thought whoever was doing this was probably betraying other people in this way too.”

Ela adicionou: “There have been no leaks of posts from my account since.

“No doubt similar behaviour by Becky was also a real worry for many others too. I am glad I have put an end to it.”

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 15:30

Vardy’s lawyer jokes about Derby County winning the premiership

Ms Rooney, refering to Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram account, disse: “In this case I believe that this account is the one that is responsible.”

Vardy’s lawyer, Mr Tomlinson, quizzed her, dizendo: “You might believe that Derby County will win the premiership in two years time, but it’s not evidence that they’re going to, é isso?”

Wayne Rooney, who manages Derby County, remained stoic and stared straight ahead.

Rebekah Vardy pulled an awkward face.

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 15:10

Recap: Vardy tells court she felt ‘bullied and manipulated’ on witness stand in libel trial

Rebekah Vardy has told the Tribunal Superior she felt “bullied and intimidated” as a witness in the libel trial against fellow footballer’s wife Coleen Rooney.

The 40-year-old finished giving evidence on Friday, four days after she first took the stand in the case which centres around Ms Vardy being accused of leaking information about Ms Rooney’s private life to the press.

Speaking in a wobbling voice at the end of her witness testimony, Ms Vardy said: “I didn’t do anything wrong and I wanted to clear my name, and I wanted it not just for me but for my family and my children.”

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Rebekah Vardy tells court she felt ‘bullied and manipulated’ on stand in libel trial

‘I wanted to clear my name,’ 40-year-old tells court

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 15:00

Rebekah Vardy is smiling as Coleen Rooney tells the court that she was told Ms Vardy moved to sit behind her at a Euro 2016 match to get more attention.

Ms Rooney said she was told during the Euros that Ms Vardy had sat behind her to get better press photos. At the time Ms Rooney thought “that it was a load of nonsense”, she told the court. “I didn’t take it on board.”

However she said that during a 2018 England game, Wayne Rooney’s last for England, she asked Ms Robertson, an FA liason officer, how the Russia world cup was.

Ms Robertson replied: “It was ok. We miss you lot. But it was hard work with Rebekah Vardy,” Ms Rooney told the court.

This prompted Ms Rooney to ask Ms Robertson whether the story about the Euros seats was true, to which Ms Robertson responded that it was, Ms Rooney told the court.

Ms Vardy was grinning and consulting with lawyers as Ms Rooney testified.

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 14:48

Rebekah Vardy’s lawyer Mr Tomlinson QC suggested to Ms Rooney that she had no evidence to link Ms Vardy to alleged leaks of a fake private Instagram post to newspapers.

Ele disse: “You have no evidence to establish that it was Mrs Vardy who did the leaking.”

“I believe it’s come from that account and that’s what I have said from the beginning and I believe Mrs Vardy knew that this was happening,” Ms Rooney replied.

Ms Rooney later said that “me and Rebekah have totally different ways of working” when it comes to dealing with PRs.

“Obviously Rebekah is friendly with Caroline Watt,” Ms Rooney said. “That is totally different to the relationships I have with people that I work with.”

Holly Bancroft13 Maio 2022 14:37