‘I just made breakfast for all of them,’ the actor, 58, told press outside the Virginia courthouse

ジョニーデップ said he made waffles for his fans as he arrived at the Virginia courthouse on day 19 of his defamation trial against アンバーハード.

俳優, 58, arrived at Fairfax County Circuit Court on Thursday as the day’s proceedings were held up over a delayed juror, Court TV reported.

Mr Depp is suing Ms Heard for $50m for allegedly implying he abused her in a 2018 の論説 ワシントンポスト, claiming the article has impacted his ability to land the kinds of Hollywood roles he was once offered.

木曜日に (19 五月), before court proceedings began for the day, Depp greeted his cheering supporters outside the courtroom and commented that he had made “breakfast for all of them”.

“Waffles,” Mr Depp quipped, when he was asked what he had prepared.

Fans have pointed out the actor was joking, indicating Depp made the light-hearted comment when asked about the excited crowd outside the courthouse.

その間, supporters of Mr Depp have been filmed booing Ms Heard and chasing her legal team’s cars as they enter and leave the court each day.

After Ms Heard concluded her testimony on 17 五月, several witnesses are still to take the stand on her behalf in the multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit which began on 11 4月.

Mr Depp’s childhood friend Bruce Witkin, his former agent Tracey Jacobs, former business manager Joel Mandel, and actor Ellen Barkin are expected to testify via video deposition.

その間, Ms Heard’s former attorney Michelle Mulroney will take the stand in person, giving evidence for the defense.

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