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Try these toasted waffles on your next camping holiday

Try these toasted waffles on your next camping holiday
Claire Thomson knows how to satisfy a camper’s sweet tooth. She shares the secret with Prudence Wade

This is one of chef and cookbook author Claire Thomson’s go-to desserts, when holidaying in a VW camper van with her family.

“You can buy nice waffles in the supermarket these days," elle explique. “Popping those on a grill to warm up and then just grating dark chocolate and serving that with coconut yoghurt – that’s a really quick pudding. Why have just a marshmallow when you can have coconut waffles?"

Toasted waffles with grated dark chocolate and coconut yoghurt

Fait du: 4 portions


100g dark or milk chocolate (a large bar), coarsely grated

8 waffles

About ¾ cupful coconut yoghurt (about 200g)


1. Divide the chocolate into four portions at the ready.

2. Toast the waffles, over a grill or in a dry frying pan over a moderate heat, until warm and golden. Transfer the waffles to four serving plates (two waffles each).

3. Immediately sprinkle one of the portions of grated chocolate over each serving, repeating until all the waffles have a melty chocolate topping. Divide the coconut yoghurt between the four servings and tuck in immediately.

Recipe extracted from ‘Camper Van Cooking’ by Claire Thomson and Matt Williamson (Quadrille, 20 £; photography by Sam Folan).