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The Walking Dead showrunner teases ‘uncomfortable’ twist in final season

The Walking Dead showrunner teases ‘uncomfortable’ twist in final season
The 11th and final season of the hit zombie show debuts in the UK today (23 août)

The Walking Dead showrunner has teased what fans can expect from the series’ 11th and final season.

Showrunner Angela Kang opened up about the highly anticipated forthcoming season of the popular AMC show in an interview with Espion numérique.

Kang – who previously served as a writer, producer and co-executive producer on the acclaimed horror drama – has been showrunner on The Walking Dead for seasons nine through 11.

The 45-year-old gave clues as to what type of “uncomfortable” storylines and twists viewers can expect from the show’s new season.

“What I’ll say is, there are characters such as Daryl [Norman Reedus] that find themselves in situations that are so different in some ways than ones they’ve been in before," elle a dit.

“So they’re trying to navigate them in ways that can sometimes be uncomfortable for their characters, because they feel like they knew how the world worked, or what their place was in their group, and they’re having to kind of expand their circle.”

Kang added: "Bien sûr, there’s scares and all the usual fun stuff that we get to do in our show.”

Reedus has previously teased a significant change in relation to the show’s visual effects.

He hinted to ComicBook that the shift would be “mind-blowing”, as the show goes from being a “black and white western to a technicolour Willy Wonka film”.

Reedus – one of the few original actors from season one who is still involved in the series – said that the new season is “a whole new backdrop, a whole new colour palette, a whole new attitude”.

Saison 11 de The Walking Dead will be released via STAR on Disney Plus on 23 août.