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Arizona GOP candidate kept ‘Treason Watch List’ on Pinterest

Arizona GOP candidate kept ‘Treason Watch List’ on Pinterest
Former president Barack Obama made the alleged ‘treason watch list’

A self-proclaimed member of the ekstremisties right-wing gang the Oath Keepers who is running on the Republikein ticket for Arizona secretary of state, reportedly shared anti-government rhetoric, advised stockpiling ammunition on social media posts, and kept atreason watch list.

CNN reports that Mark Finchem, who won a primary in Arizona and has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, allegedly took to social media and a now-deleted Twitter account to spread conspiracy theories about the government.

Mr Finchem’s social media posts reportedly include an account on Pinterest — commonly used by people to build wedding inspiration albums or save recipes — which he used to keep atreason watch list.The list included photos of former President Barack Obama alongside images of a man in Nazi attire making a Nazi salute. Civil rights campaigner Jesse Jackson, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and former Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly made his treason watch list.

He is said to have kept another Pinterest board calledthought provokingthat featured images comparing Democrats to Nazis. Some of the posts also called for stockpiling ammunition and claimed gun control measures would lead to another Holocaust.

One of the images he reportedly pinned claimed that awar in Americawould haveno rules of engagement.

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Mark Finchem

Rules of engagement are generally followed by the military to mitigate civilian casualties and atrocities against prisoners of war.

Other conspiracies reportedly found on Mr Finchem’s boards included claims that the Mexican Army was secretly probing the US ahead of a full-scale invasion, and suggestions that Sharia law was going to be implemented in the US.

In other social media posts he apparently said gun ownership in the US should be obligatory and that Satan ruled over the US.

In 2014 Mr Finchem said he was a member of the Oath Keepers and said he wascommitted to the exercise of limited, constitutional governance.A now-defunct Twitter account for one of his state representative races included the phraseJoin Oath Keepersin its bio.

Members of the Oath Keepers were arrested in connection to crimes that occurred during the Capitol riot. Mr Finchem was present at the Stop the Steal rally on 6 Januarie, 2021, but claims he did not participate in the Capitol riot. He has not been charged with any crime relating to the events of 6 Januarie, 2021.