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UK naweekweer: Koel temperature en reën bring warm weer tot 'n einde

UK naweekweer: Koel temperature en reën bring warm weer tot 'n einde
The average temperature for May is 16C, yet the country has enjoyed temperatures of up to 27.5C.

Rain is expected to fall across the country as the week of unseasonably warm weer comes to an end.

Parts of the south east will enjoy temperatures of 21C on Saturday before showers and cooler temperatures begin to set in, the Met Office has said.

While the weather in the southparticularly in Londonare expected to remain mild for most of the weekend, rain is expected to cover the west of Scotland on Sunday.

Temperatures are set to return to the average for this time of year with it predicted to be 16C in the south west and 14C in parts of the north East.

There’s also a chance the UK will see a repeat of the thunderstorms experienced this week as a high pressure system in Europe will encroach into the far corner of the region.

Forecasters are also predicting the possibility of blood rain as the continental weather system loses its grip on the UK.

<p>Thunderstorms may strike again in coming days </bl>

Thunderstorms may strike again in coming days

Red rainknown colloquially as blood rain could fall in part of the country as high concentrations of dust lifted from the Sahara Desert mixes with water droplets.

Proper blood rain, which actually appears red in colour, is relatively rare in the UK with the rainfall often being more orange or brown in colour.

Next week will see unsettled weather in the UK with spells of rain and expected across most regions due to a strengthening of a jet streamthough there will still be some periods of drier weather, most likely in southern and central areas.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Rudman said: “The strengthening of the jet stream increases the chances of low-pressure systems developing over the Atlantic being pushed towards the UK.

“There’s some unsettled weather on the way next week, with some strong winds likely from the middle of the week, especially in the north.

“Weather of this nature isn’t unusual in a UK spring, with changes in the jet stream frequently bringing interludes of unsettled weather.”