Trump ‘illegally retaliated’ against whistleblower, probe concludes – 住む

Trump ‘illegally retaliated’ against whistleblower, probe concludes - 住む
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Donald Trump is supposedly writing a book on how presidency was stolen from him

として 6 January committee prepares for a summer of what promise to be shocking and disturbing hearings about the 国会議事堂の暴動, ドナルド・トランプ has laid into committee member リズ・チェイニー, claiming that she has taken her topposition to him to extremes.

とのインタビューで ワシントンポスト, he called her a “crazed lunatic.” The committee’s first public hearing since last year is set for 9 六月.

その間, Enrique Tarroio, a former leader of the Proud Boys and one of the key figures in the many 6 January-related cases underway, is appearing in a virtual court hearing. He is seeking release from pre-trial detention while he awaits trial on conspiracy charges related to the Capitol attack.

他の場所, a report from an inspector general with the US Department of Defense has found that the ex-president’s administration unlawfully retaliated against a whistleblower who sounded alarms about his dealings with Ukraine that led to his first impeachment.


Justice Department expands indictment of Trump ally accused of illegally lobbying White House for UAE

The US Department of Justice has updated its indictment against Thomas Barrack, a Trump ally and chair on his inauguration committee who is alleged to have sought investments from United Arab Emirates while illegally lobbying the administration on its behalf.

今週, federal prosecutors replaced an initial charging document with a 55-page superseding indictment that details how the billionaire allegedly relied on his proximity to the Trump universe to facilitate his dealings with the UAE.

Prosecutors allege that he sought money from the UAE for an investment fund to elecate the Trump agenda and “garner political credibility for its contributions” of the administrations policies, according an aide to Mr Barrck included in the indictment.

The fund would make money by “sourcing, financing, operationally improving and harvesting assets” in areas that would “benefit the most” from Trump being in office, ファイリングによると.

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Trump administration unlawfully punished impeachment whistleblower, レポートの発見

Several Trump-era administration officials unlawfully retaliated against a whistleblower on the National Security Council who raised concerns about Trump’s call with Volodymyr Zelensky that was central to his first impeachment.

Trump administration unlawfully punished impeachment whistleblower, レポートの発見

‘We found, based on a preponderance of the evidence, that the Complainant was the subject of unfavorable personnel actions from administration officials’

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From Madison Cawthorn to Dr Oz, who really won and lost on Trump’s big primary night

から インデペンデント エリックガルシア:

Trump saw many of his preferred candidates triumph in Pennsylvania and North Carolina while others flopped or are in races that are too tight to call; we can expect plenty of arguments about who triumphed and who truly lost.

It’s clear that while Trump’s endorsement helps, it isn’t a guarantee.

Who really won and lost on Trump’s big primary night?

It’s clear that while Trump’s endorsement helps, it isn’t a guarantee

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A ‘bat****’ bill shows how far Louisiana lawmakers will push an anti-abortion agenda

With the end of ロー対ウェイド事件 in sight, Republican legislators emboldened by the loss of federal protections for abortion care are eying severe restrictions on abortion access and criminalising physicians – and patients – while millions of vulnerable Americans’ lives and families are at stake.

One bill in Louisiana proposed charging patients with homicide.

A ‘bat****’ bill shows how far states could push their anti-abortion agenda

Patients and providers in the state are already navigating some of the most severe restrictions in the US, アレックスウッドワードレポート

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キンジンガー: Cawthorn’s loss is ‘good for the country

Illinois Republican congressman and Trump critic called the loss of the former president’s pick in North Carolina “good for the country.”

“It’s good for the party. It’s good for the 11th District of North Carolina,” he told CNN.

“DC has become kind of a growing ground for people that are just more interested in fame than governing, that are more interested in becoming famous than in actually doing the really serious work, at a time when we have a lot of challenges here at home and a lot of challenges overseas.”

Kinzinger is notably not running for re-election. He joins Liz Cheney as the only two Republican House members on the congressional committee investigating the Capitol attack. Both of them are routinely attacked by far-right members of their party.

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Elon Musk predicts Democrat ‘dirty tricks campaign’ against him after switching his vote to Republican

Now the world’s wealthiest person is going to “vote Republican” – though it’s unclear what that means, or for which candidates in what races – as he describes a presidential administration as rudderless and “captured” by labour unions, which he opposes.

Elon Musk predicts Democrat ‘dirty tricks’ after switching his vote to Republican

The tycoon described Democrats as ‘the party of division and hate’ after legislators questioned his attempt to take control of Twitter and unban Donald Trump

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速報: Biden invokes Defence Production Act and orders Pentagon airlift to boost baby formula supply

President Biden has invoked a national defense law to speed production of baby formula and allow overseas imports for what the White House is calling “Operation Fly Formula.”

Biden invokes Defense Production Act to boost baby formula supply

President Joe Biden will require suppliers of baby formula ingredients to prioritise formula manufacturers’ orders before any other customers in order to boost production to levels needed to address the shortage caused by the February shutdown of a Michigan factory.

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Sarah Palin made most of her money in 2021 from Cameo

サラペイリン, whose candidacy for Alaska’s at-large seat in the House is backed by Donald Trump, made most of her money last year on the pay-per-shoutout video app Cameo.

She made $211,529 from video requests, ほぼ $38,000 more than she would receive as her congressional salary, if elected.

Her latest financial disclosure follows the announcement of her political comeback –および a failed attempt to sue ニューヨークタイムズ – following the death of longtime Alaska Rep Don Young, who died in March.

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What’s Trump posting on Truth? Golf updates – including backing the Saudi-supported rival to the PGA

The PGA Championship tees off this week but Trump is endorsing the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments.

長い, winding road to the beef between Trump and the PGA includes the organization’s withdrawal from his New Jersey estate for the 2022 PGAチャンピオンシップ, which was agreed in the months leading up to his announcement that he would run for president back in 2015.

But the organization pulled out and moved the event to Tulsa in the wake of the Capitol riots, enraging the aspirational golfer, desperate to have a PGA event on his properties.

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus called the decision “cancel culture.”

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Trump-backed Cawthorn appears to put his political ambitions on pause

未満 24 hours after results rolled in, it appears Congressman Madison Cawthorn is winding down any plans to get back into office after he finishes his current term following his GOP primary election loss on Tuesday night.

His Making A Difference In Service to Our Nation (or MADISON) leadership PAC has filed its termination with the Federal Election Commission, 未満 24 hours after results rolled in, according to Business Insider.

The Trump-backed candidate and once-ascendent young Republican in Congress conceded his loss to Chuck Edwards for the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district race.

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