何百万人もの人々が日曜日に「ワイルド」で風の強いスタートを切る, 気象庁は警告します

何百万人もの人々が日曜日に「ワイルド」で風の強いスタートを切る, 気象庁は警告します
Conditions will start ‘going downhill’ in the west, 気象庁は言う

Strong gusts coming in from the west will bring awild startto Sunday for many parts of the UK, the Met Office has said.

Wind speeds could reach more than 50 miles an hour, with potential for disruption and further wet weather going into the first week of November.

Yellow weather warnings for rain remain in place in several parts of the country overnight, including in Glasgow, where the global Cop26 climate summit is due to begin on Sunday.

Steven Keats, meteorologist at the Met Office, said conditions would startgoing downhillin the west throughout Sunday.

Further West heavy rain will be picking up and there’ll be some heavy rain coming in from the Atlantic,” 彼は言った.

That will dominate the weather into tomorrow.

Heavy rain will push across intowestern parts of England and Wales and be accompanied by some pretty strong and gusty winds.

Mr Keats said parts of Wales and southern England could see winds of around to 40 または 50 miles an hour which couldpotentially cause problems.

It’ll be a pretty wild start to Sunday,” 彼は言った.

Yellow warnings are in place for Sunday from the Met Office

Given the fact that trees are in full leaf and the ground is pretty saturated in many areas, you could get one or trees coming down.

It’s going to be very unsettled.

It comes after multiple flood warnings were issued on Saturday and some areas received more than a month’s worth of rain in 48 時間.

Mr Keats said that declining temperatures throughout next week would bring aseasonalfeel and that weather would remainunsettled,” though risks ofhefty downpoursremained.

The most disruptive potential from the weather will be in the next 24 に 36 時間,” 彼は言った.