Senator tells reporters not to “overthink” the cost of the proposal

SenateDemocrats are reportedly considering moving on a $6 trillion budget reconciliation proposal meant to expand Medicare and lower the costs of prescription drugs, による 上院 Budget Committee Chairman バーニーサンダース.

Mr Sanders revealed the plan on Thursday, saying the proposal is meant to build on ジョー・バイデン‘s American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan.

When asked if 民主党 were considering reconciliation – a process that would avoid having to persuade any Republicans to back the measure – in order to force the changes, サンダース氏は言った “ええ, absolutely.

Mr Sanders explained his reasoning to reporters during a press briefing.

“The president has given us a framework, I think it’s a comprehensive and serious framework. It is the function of the Congress now to take that framework and go with it,” サンダース氏は言った. “I think it is absolutely imperative that we deal with the existential threat of climate change, that we lower the cost of prescription drugs, that we make sure elderly people can chew their food because we expand Medicare to dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses.”

Mr Sanders also said the reconciliation package would address issues of housing inequality, which he dubbed thehousing crisis.

“I think it’s unacceptable that we have a half a million people sleeping out in the streets in America because we have a major housing crisis. What the president has said is we ought to take a comprehensive look at the crises facing this country and that’s what we’re going to do," 彼は言った.

The reconciliation package is also meant to include a component that addresses immigration reform as well as expanding Medicare and lowering the cost of drug prices.

Regarding immigration reform, Mr Sanders said that it’s something that has been talked about for avery long timeand that members of the budget committee were working with the White House on proposals.

Reporters pressed Mr Sanders on the $6 trillion number, asking how the budget committee landed at the price.

He told reporters not tooverthink it,” but the question appears as though it will be a sticking point for centrist Democrats.

Senator Jon Tester, 民主党, told Bloomberg that he would not support the $6 兆の提案, 言って “nothing personal, but no.

The key is, this is like the defence budget, it’s not how much, it’s how it’s utilised that’s important,” 彼は言った.

上院議員 ジョー・マンチン – a constant thorn in the side for his fellow Democrats hoping to pass legislation in the face of a Republican party committed to obstructing proposals presented by the Biden administration – offered a predictable lack of support for the robust social spending proposal.

We have to be conscious of the debt,” 彼は言った, complaining that potentially adding $3 trillion to the national debt wasa lot.

He did note that he wanted to hear the proposal first before he came to any conclusions about the bill.