Pair charged with hate crimes for abusing woman and son in viral train video

Pair charged with hate crimes for abusing woman and son in viral train video
Liz Edelkind says she was abused over the colour of her skin on train home to Long Island

A man and woman from New York fired and charged with hate crimes after verbally abusing a family on a 列車 in a video that went viral.

ビデオ, taken by a passenger on the Long Island Rail Road, showed the pair harassing a woman and her son after they boarded.

ビデオで, the man is heard telling Liz Edelkind, “Look straight because I’m going to get arrested tonight,” before throwing beer at her.

“Don’t look at me, don’t f***ing look at me,” he then said repeatedly. “These f***ing foreigners ain’t taking over my country.”

Ms Edelkind, who was on her way to a New York Knicks NBA game with her husband, son and two other adults, told NBC4 that the pair allegedly abused her because of the dark complexion of her skin.

“They threw beer at us. My pastor… her husband and my husband got in the way to protect me,” Ms Edelkind told the news station.

She said that after she alerted a conductor to the pair’s behaviour they got up and left.

Now MTA police and the Manhattan district attorney have charged resident Justin Likerman, 37, of a Ronkonkoma and Kristin Digesaro, 39, of Huntington, with aggravated harassment in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child.

Both turned themselves in to MTA police at Grand Central Terminal after the victim pressed charges.

The pair have now also been fired by their employer, Empire Toyota of Huntington, according to News12.

“Justice prevails,” Ms Edelkind told NBC 4 after the pair were charged.