リアーナ, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are the most powerful women in music, says Forbes

リアーナ, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are the most powerful women in music, says Forbes
Oprah Winfrey was the most powerful woman in media and entertainment in 2021

歌手 リアーナ, ビヨンセ, そして テイラースウィフト are among フォーブス’ top 100 list of the world’s most powerful women in 2021.

火曜日に (7 12月), Forbes released its annual list and a total of 15 women from media and entertainment were honoured.

リアーナ, who was recently named National Hero of the newly founded republic of Barbados, came in at No 68 on the list.

Forbes also revealed the “Diamonds” singer is now a billionaire, courtesy the success of her Fenty Beauty cosmetics line.

Co-owned by French luxury retailer LVMH, the beauty brand raked in over $550m (approximately £415m) in revenue in 2020.

“Single Ladies” singer Beyoncé was listed at No 76 on the Forbes list. The business magazine credited the former Destiny’s Child singer with pulling in a total of $250m (approximately £189m) over the course of her On The Run II stadium tour with billionaire husband ジェイ・Z.

The multi-hyphenate also announced a global partnership deal between her athleisure clothing brand Ivy Park and Adidas in 2019.

She teased the first look of their fifth collaborative collection Halls of Ivy on Instagram last week.

The campaign features celebrity children, 含む リース・ウィザースプーン’s son Deacon Phillipe and daughter Ava Phillipe, and the late コービー・ブライアント’s daughter Natalia.

無制限のアクセスをお楽しみください 70 AmazonMusicで何百万もの広告なしの曲とポッドキャスト 30日間の無料トライアルに今すぐサインアップ


Landing at spot No 78, Swift has smashed multiple music records this year.

彼女の 2020 アルバム フォークロア became the pandemic year’s first album to sell one million units.

The singer’s compilation of re-released music 赤 (テイラーのバージョン) became the singer’s 10th album to reach No 1 ビルボードに 200.

さらに, her 10-minute song from the overhauled 赤, "全てが良過ぎる" became the longest song to ever reach No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 US list.

その間, オプラ・ウィンフリー’s estimated total net worth of $2.6bn (approximately £1.7bn) catapulted her to the No 23 spot on Forbes’s list, as the philanthropist, talk show host and media mogul was crowned the most powerful woman in media and entertainment this year.

Actor Reese Witherspoon was at the No 74 スポット, after her women-driven content company Hello Sunshine was acquired in August this year, at an estimated value of $900m (£679m).

The top spot went to author, philanthropist and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s former wife, マッケンジースコット with an estimated net worth of $59.2bn (approximately £44.6bn) そして 25% stake in the e-commerce giant.