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Independent Women: Sign up to our new women-focused weekly newsletter

Independent Women: Sign up to our new women-focused weekly newsletter
The Independent is launching a free newsletter delivered straight to your inbox each week and curated by the only UK news outlet women’s correspondent Maya Oppenheim


nless you are an epidemiologist or a survivalist prepping for the apocalypse, you were unlikely to have been preparing for a global pandemic before Covid-19 unleashed chaos on the world. But there is no amount of groundwork which would have prepared femmes for how much the coronavirus crisis would deepen and fuel pre-existing inequalities.

There are a multitude of ways women have shouldered much of the burden of the pandemic. From women being more likely to lose jobs or be furloughed due to being over-represented in sectors worst ravaged by the pandemic, to being forced to give birth alone, to struggles to get contraception, to domestic abuse surging, et plus.

For those of you who you want to keep on top of this, sign up to Independent Women, a weekly newsletter penned by me Maya Oppenheimthe only Women’s Correspondent to exist in a UK news outlet.

Every Thursday morning, de 27 May onwards, I will be bringing you a weekly round-up of The Independent’s most razor-sharp opinion pieces and hardest-hitting news stories exploring issues which shatter and ignite the lives of women in the UK and around the world.

And when we live in a world where a woman is killed by a current or ex-partner every four days in England and Wales, and a woman is killed by a current or ex with a gun every 16 hours in the US, there is no shortage of things to report on. pendant ce temps, as the growth of the far right fuels efforts to dismantle women’s hard-won rights, it remains more important than ever to illuminate and dissect misogyny in all its varied forms.

But the newsletter promises to be uplifting as well as enlightening and will also bring you all the latest stories which celebrate women and give them the voice history robbed them of. With features and interviews from the lifestyle desk included. So irrespective of your views on gender inequality please sign up to Independent Women for a full and varied offering each week that promises to not only be informative from start to finish but thoroughly engaging too.

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