Jake Paul reveals tattoo bet terms for Tyron Woodley to secure rematch

Jake Paul reveals tattoo bet terms for Tyron Woodley to secure rematch
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Jake Paul has offered Tyron Woodley a rematch if he gets a tattoo that says: “I love Jake Paul”.

The former UFC champion dropped a split decision against the YouTube star in Cleveland and immediately demanded a rematch.

After landing the most effective punch of the fight, to send Paul sprawling, Woodley failed to capitalise, instead remaining hesitant as his opponent cautiously circled him while swaying the judges.

And Woodley remonstrated with Paul after the decision was announced: “You are the one that got wobbled, almost sent through the ropes.

“If these ropes weren’t 7ft 2in, you’d have gone through the ropes. I landed the power punches.”

To which Paul replied: “You had your opportunity, you had your chance.

“I was nothing but respectful to you now. If you get the tattoo, ‘I love Jake Paul’, let’s run it back.”

Woodley was quick to accept the terms, snapping back and shaking Paul’s hand: “Bet, let’s go!”

The performance was not up to Paul’s expectations, and the YouTube star conceded his legs didn’t feel right in the ring.

Paul added: “I don’t know what to say, he’s a tough opponent, he’s been fighting for 20 years, I’ve been doing it for three, this one’s for Cleveland.

“It was a tougher fight than expected. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. All respect to Tyron. He’s a hall of famer, he’s a good fighter.

“There was a lot of s*** talk, there’s no hard feelings. I want to cry, but I’m a little tired. To win when all the pressure is on, he’s a tough opponent.”

“I’m not sure [if Tommy Fury is next]. I haven’t stopped, I need to figure who I am. I’m keeping my head on straight, I’ll get back in the gym when ready. Let’s see.”