Keir Starmer accused of ‘factional internal war’ with changes to leadership election rules

The leftwing bakers’ union has disaffiliated from the 労働党 with an attack on キールスターマー for neglecting working class “aims and hopes”.

The Labour leader is accused of launching a “factional internal war”, with his changes to leadership election rules that hand more power to MPs at the expense of members.

The Bakers, ’–サイコ音楽–それはきしむようなきれいです & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) is also protesting at Sir Keir’s refusal to back a £15 hourly minimum wage, the issue that triggered the resignation of frontbencher Andy McDonald.

声明の中で, it said the decision had been taken by members “who predominantly live in what’s regarded as Labour Red Wall seats”, the crucial background at the next election.

It “shows how far the Labour party has travelled away from the aims and hopes of working-class organisations like ours”, 読んだ声明.

しかしながら, the move also follows BFAWU president Ian Hodson being kicked out of the party over his support for Labour Against the Witchhunt – a group banned for support of party members accused of 反ユダヤ主義.

The statement adds: “The BFAWU will not be bullied by bosses or politicians. When you pick on one of us you take on all of us. That’s what solidarity means.”

加えて, the union recently lost its seat on Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC), being replaced by the Musicians Union.

The Labour Party, which is fighting off criticism that it is fatally split over Sir Keir’s shift to the centre ground, declined to respond directly to the announcement

しかしながら, 広報担当者は言った: “With Keir Starmer, the Labour Party is changing, to face the country, offer credible policies that will positively change the lives of working families, and to show that we are once again fit to govern.”

The statement, by Sarah Woolley, the union’s general secretary, accused Labour of failing to “engage with a union that levied its poorly paid members in 1902 to build” the party.

The attitude was a “culmination of a failure to deliver those changes during our 119 year relationship”.

“We need footballers to campaign to ensure our schoolchildren get a hot meal. Workers in our sector, who keep the nation fed, are relying on charity and good will from family and friends to put food on their tables,」組合は言った.

“They rely on help to feed their families, と 7.5 per cent relying on food banks, according to our recent survey.

"だが, instead of concentrating on these issues, we have a factional internal war led by the leadership.

“We have a real crisis in the country and, instead of leadership, the party’s leader chooses to divide the trade unions and the membership by proposing changes to the way elections for his successor will take place.

“We don’t see that as a political party with any expectations of winning an election. It’s just the leader trying to secure the right wing faction’s chosen successor.”