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England vs New Zealand LIVE: Nuutste opdaterings

England vs New Zealand LIVE: Nuutste opdaterings
Follow all the action live as England look to make it two wins from two against the Black Ferns

<p>Lydia Thompson in action for England</bl><p>Lydia Thompson in action for England</bl>

Lydia Thompson in action for England

England will attempt to complete a double over New Zealand when the two sides meet for the second time in as many weeks this Sunday. Simon Middleton’s side completed a spectacular seven-try rout of the world champions last week at Sandy Park, with Abbie Ward, Ellie Kildunne, Lark Davies, debutant Holly Aitchison, Abby Dow and Zoe Harrison all crossing the line in a 43-12 oorwinning.

“We’ve got them next week as well. We can’t get complacent. We need to look what we can do better for next week,” Harrison told BBC Sport after the victory. “Today we were really looking at ourselves. Even in the Six Nations we’ve been looking towards the World Cup.”

Follow all the live action below.


Engeland 49-10 Nieu-Seeland, 70 minute

That try has maybe just put an extra pep in New Zealand’s step, Ruahei Demant with a delectable piece of footwork to make a half-break.

That’ll knock it out of them! Lagi Tuima deposits Carla Hohepa r on her back before Hannah Botterman makes a substantial connection of her own in the tackle, and the white-shirted bodies pour through to win a breakdown penalty.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:20

TRY! Engeland 49-10 NEW ZEALAND (Stacey Fluhler try, 69 minute)

They can! New Zealand have clearance to spin it with penalty advantage and though Patricia Maliepo’s whipped pass hits the deck, Cheyelle Robins-Reti scoops it up off her shoelaces and ships it onwards for Stacey Fluhler, who shows the sort of speed that have made her such a threat in sevens in blazing beyond Abby Dow for the corner.

The conversion isn’t there but New Zealand now have ten more minutes against 14 players to make further dents in this sizeable England advantage.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:18

YELLOW CARD! Sarah McKenna is sent to the sin bin! Engeland 49-5 Nieu-Seeland, 68 minute

That’s a little bit cynical. New Zealand finally make a line break as they enter the England 22 and with Portia Woodman waiting for a potentially scoring pass, Sarah McKenna knocks on deliberately. Off she is sent for a ten minute sit-down, though there is just enough cover present to prevent the penalty try.

Can New Zealand snare a second up a player?

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:15

TRY! ENGLAND 49-5 Nieu-Seeland (Lark Davies try, 65 minute)

Four scores for England’s hookers! Amy Cokayne has taken a well-deserved rest but Lark Davies continues her remarkable scoring form, again giving great thanks to her forward mates who clear a pleasurable route to the line for the Loughborough rake. An accurate dart from Davies, swiftly in position at the back, and over she goes.

Zoe Harrison converts. Copy, paste.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:13

Engeland 42-5 Nieu-Seeland, 63 minute

Intercepted! Leanne Riley’s sticky mitts are in the right place at the right time again as she makes an excellent defensive read and gets in a passing lane! She sets about sprinting for the corner but won’t have the gas to get there, and New Zealand force a knock-on.

But England win a penalty for a churlish hit off the ball and will go back to that most fruitful wella lineout drive in the corner.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:11

Engeland 42-5 Nieu-Seeland, 62 miuntes

More changes than a DJ with particular affection for a single David Bowie songMaud Muir and Sarah McKenna are brought on for England while Carla Hohepa joins the New Zealand backline.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:10

Engeland 42-5 Nieu-Seeland, 62 minute

England are nearly held up as Holly Aitchison is sent on a charge down a rather blind midfield alley, but they smuggle the ball back and are able to clear,

New Zealand then draw a penalty after a Simon offload hits the deck and England infringe at the next ruck.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:09

Engeland 42-5 Nieu-Seeland, 60 minute

New Zealand think they are in through Portia Woodman but the ball has long since been knocked forward, prompting more chances for changesthe England skipper arrives, with Sarah Hunter replacing long-time teammate Marlie Packer in the back row, while New Zealand introduce Kennedy Simon as Alana Bremner, very quiet today, takes leave.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:07

Engeland 42-5 Nieu-Seeland, 58 minute

England had made a number of changes just before that lineout, with Hannah Botterman and Lark Davies on in the front row and Harriet Millar-Mills lending her weight to the second.

New Zealand answer with a switch of their hooker and tighthead, with Amy Rule and Te Kura Ngata-Aerengamate on.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:06

TRY! ENGLAND 42-5 Nieu-Seeland (Leanne Infante try, 57 minute)

A horrible mis-cue at the lineout and Leanne Infante capitalises! Grace Houpapa-Barrett is on the wrong page of the hymn sheet as she throws to no-one in particular, and Infante can’t believe her luck as she catches at the tail of the lineout, wide-eyed and grinning as she scores.

Two more points to the tally for Zoe Harrison.

Harry Latham-Coyle7 November 2021 16:05