Tesla to pay Ukrainian employees for at least three months if they’re called to fight

Tesla to pay Ukrainian employees for at least three months if they’re called to fight
Tesla also praised employees for helping bring Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine

Tesla will reportedly pay its Ukrainian employees for at least three months if they’re conscripted to fight the Russian invasion of their home country.

“For any Tesla employees who is a Ukrainian national and has been asked to return to Ukraine for active duty as a reservist, we will maintain their employment and salary for 3 months, with a view to assessing after this period as needed,” Tesla noted in an email to its employees in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, according to CNBC.

In the email sent on Monday, Tesla also praised its employees for helping SpaceX – its chief Elon Musk’s space venture – to bring its Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine.

Tesla had reportedly provided lithium-ion battery systems known as Tesla Powerwalls to run the Starlink equipment in Ukraine.

Although the electric vehicle manufacturing company does not operate in Ukraine, Tesla said about 5,000 Tesla owners and other EV drivers in the country can get free vehicle charging at some of its Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

“Within hours of implementation, Tesla emailed local owners announcing that several Supercharger stations near Ukraine could be used by Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles, free of charge,” the company noted.

“Tesla has opened free Supercharging at stations bordering Ukraine to support those impacted by the recent invasion,” it said in the email.

Tesla is not the only automobile manufacturer responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Carmakers General Motors and Ford also suspended their business in Russia earlier this month.

Swedish auto brand Volvo Cars also said it’s temporarily stopping its car delivery to Russia in light of “potential risks associated with trading material with Russia, including the sanctions imposed by the EU and US”.

A long list of other businesses, including McDonald’s, Lego, Starbucks, Apple, and Netflix have also halted some or all of their operations – or the delivery of their products – in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

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