Thandiwe Newton explains why she turned down superhero film role

Thandiwe Newton explains why she turned down superhero film role
‘I love what’s happening with these genres now’

Thandiwe Newton has revealed why she turned down a role in a superhero film.

The actor told LADBible in a recent interview that she was once offered to play “someone’s mum who just dies”.

“I was like, ‘Meh, não,’” she added. “It was more the role, você sabe o que eu quero dizer?”

Newton did not specify what the film was or which studio was producing it.

She did express interest in superhero movies in general, telling the publication she loves what’s happening with the genre as a whole.

“The perfect example is Taika Waititi, what he did with [a 2017Thor: Ragnarok, ela disse. “I love that the actors in it really want to push it too – of course they do, it’s boring otherwise, Jesus.”

Newton elaborated: “As a genre they bore me, these big franchises, and I’m quite cynical about it too, because it’s just about money; it’s this behemoth of money that’s just like rolling forward gathering more money, direito?

“But now I feel like there is a demand from both the audience, I think people who are involved in the movies – but certainly the world – that there is better substance around these superhero things.”

Newton stars in Reminiscence, a science fiction thriller released on 20 August in the US and in the UK.

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