‘Thank you for trying to bring my baby home,’ Bobbi-Anne McCleod’s mother tells vigil

‘Thank you for trying to bring my baby home,’ Bobbi-Anne McCleod’s mother tells vigil
Hundreds gather to pay tribute to teenager as police reveal she had ‘no link’ with murder suspect

At 6pm on Thursday, traffic was brought to a standstill as a sea of candles floated down the road past the bus stop where ボビー-アン・マクラウド was last seen almost exactly five days earlier.

Hundreds of people had already gathered around scores of flowers left in tribute to the 18-year-old on a grass verge opposite the bus stop in Plymouth’s Bampton Road where she went missing.

The crowd fell silent as Ms McLeod’s family arrived at a table filled with framed photographs of the teenager.

Her distraught mother thanked the community of Leigham for their support and for doing everything they could to help bring her daughter home.

“Thank you for doing everything to try and find her and bring our baby home," 彼女は言いました.

Applause broke out as balloons drifted up to the sky and those gathered raised up their candles.

Someone in the crowd turned to the person beside her to utter her regret at having not walked her dog at that time on Saturday. “I could have saved her," 彼女は言いました.

Most of the police cordon appeared to have been removed from the bus stop and underpass at the scene near Ms McLeod’s home in Leigham.

Hundreds gathered for a candelit vigil in memory of Bobbi-Anne McCleod near where she disappeared in Leigham, プリマス

その日の早い段階で, police revealed there was “no known link” between the teenager and the 24-year-old man arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Magistrates granted officers more time to question the suspect, while a 26-year-old man, also arrested on suspicion of murder on Tuesday, was released without further action.

Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the investigation.

Ms McLeod went missing after leaving her home in Leigham at about 6pm on Saturday to catch a bus into town.

彼女の友達, 彼女が会う予定だった人, 彼女が到着しなかった後に警報を発した.

3日間の検索後, a body believed to be Ms McLeod’s was found near Bovisand, サウスハム–彼女が消えた場所から車で30分以内.

It is feared the teenager may have been snatched from the street as she waited at a bus stop on Bampton Road near her home, しかし、これは警察によって確認されていません.

白い法医学のスーツを着た警察官が、18歳のボビーアンマクラウドがレーガムで姿を消したバス停の近くで手がかりを求めて梳く, プリマス

木曜日の午後の記者会見で, Devon and Cornwall Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Leaper said a “significant” number of inquiries and searches had already been carried out.

彼女は記者団に語った: 「現時点で確認できます, 容疑者と被害者の間に既知の関連性はありません。現時点では、この問題に関して他の誰かを探しているわけではないことを国民に安心させたいと思います。.

「これは発展途上で活発な事例であり続けているため、推測しないように全員に注意を促します。. 調査の完全性を常に維持することが重要です。」

A second vigil is expected to be held for Ms McLeod at Smeaton’s Tower on Plymouth Hoe at 6pm on Friday.


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