Thanks, トム・ブレイディ! Ageless quarterback helps NBC in ratings

Thanks, トム・ブレイディ! Ageless quarterback helps NBC in ratings
NBC owes Tom Brady a thank you note

The ageless トム・ブレイディ is due a thank you note from NBC

The Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback helped the network to a smashing audience of 24.8 million viewers for the NFL kickoff game, where he took on and defeated the Dallas Cowboys. That’s up from last year’s season opener, which reached 19.3 百万.

It was a less attractive matchup for the season debut of “Sunday Night Football,” where the Chicago Bears and L.A. Rams were seen by 17.6 百万. That’s down from the 2020 season debut of the Sunday night franchise, で見られる 18.9 百万.

Two prime-time football games led NBC to a weekly ratings win, as it averaged 7.8 百万人の視聴者. CBS had 3.5 million viewers in prime time, ABC had 3 百万, Fox had 2.4 百万, Univision had 1.4 百万, Ion Television had 1.12 million and Telemundo had 1.06 百万.

Fox News Channel led the cable networks in prime time, 平均化 2.23 百万人の視聴者. ESPN had 1.89 百万, HGTV had 1.07 百万, MSNBC had 1.06 million and TLC had 910,000.

ABC’s “World News Tonight” won the evening news ratings race, 平均化 7.8 百万人の視聴者. NBC’s “Nightly News” had 6.4 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 4.6 百万.

For the week of Sept. 6-12, インクルード 20 most popular programs in prime time, their networks and viewerships:

1. NFL Football: Dallas at Tampa Bay, NBC, 24.81 百万.

2. NFL Football: Chicago at L.A. Rams,” NBC, 17.64 百万.

3. “NFL Pregame” (木曜日), NBC, 16.21 百万.

4. “NFL Pregame” (日曜日), NBC, 12.81 百万.

5. “NFL Kickoff,” NBC, 10.42 百万.

6. “60 Minutes,” CBS, 9.98 百万.

7. “Football Night in America, Part 3,” NBC, 9.97 百万.

8. “America’s Got Talent” (火曜日), NBC, 6.9 百万.

9. “Football Night in America, Part 2,” NBC, 6.5 百万.

10. “America’s Got Talent” (水曜日), NBC, 5.95 百万.

11. “The O.T.,” Fox, 5.78 百万.

12. College Football: Washington at Michigan, ABC, 4.75 百万.

13. “Big Brother” (日曜日), CBS, 4.223 百万.

14. “Celebrity Family Feud,” ABC, 4.218 百万.

15. “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” ABC, 4.07 百万.

16. “Big Brother” (水曜日), CBS, 3.89 百万.

17. “Big Brother” (木曜日), CBS, 3.86 百万.

18. “FBI” (木曜日, 8 午後), CBS, 3.42 百万.

19. “FBI” (木曜日, 9 午後), CBS, 3.37 百万.

20. “20/20” (金曜日, 9 午後), ABC, 3.34 百万.


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