Thanksgiving guest mix-up enters sixth year of holiday tradition

Thanksgiving guest mix-up enters sixth year of holiday tradition
‘You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?’ responded the mistaken invitee to a text

A heartwarming Thanksgiving tradition is set to continue this year as a guest who was invited to dinner by mistake six years ago and has returned every holiday since, says he’s celebrating with the family again this season.

Dans 2016, grandmother Wanda Dench meant to text her grandson about the family’s holiday dinner plans, but accidentally messaged stranger Jamal Hinton.

Mr Hinton texted her back to let her know the mistake, with a selfie showing he wasn’t the grandson she’d meant to contact.

He jokingly wrote: “You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate tho?"

Ms Dench responded kindly, lui disant: “Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s dofeed everyone.” Mr Hinton posted about the pair’s exchange on Twitter and it went viral.

Then on Thanksgiving Day, Mr Hinton did actually make the journey from Tempe, Arizona to Mesa to join the Dench family for dinner.

The following year, having made firm friends, the unlikely pair got together for Thanksgiving again and have celebrated the holiday together every year since.

Dans 2020, Ms Dench’s husband, Lonnie, died from Covid, so last Thanksgiving, the family held a small get-together the day after the holiday, rapports CBS Nouvelles. Ms Dench, her grandson, her daughter, Mr Hinton and his girlfriend, Mikaela, met up to keep the tradition alive.

Cette année, Mr Hinton, who has gained a large social media following since his first viral post, posted a tweet saying: “We are all set for year 6!"

He posted a screenshot of the invitation in which Ms Dench, who is saved in his phone under ‘Grandma Wanda’ asked him and his girlfriend to join her family again for “good food and great conversation”.

Mr Hinton also shared a selfie of himself, Mikaela, Ms Dench, and her late husband in a post which has already garnered more than a million likes.

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