The 22 most outrageous mistakes in TV shows

The 22 most outrageous mistakes in TV shows
Charlotte Cripps picks some of the most famous TV mistakes ever made, including the infamous Starbucks coffee cup left in a GoT scene 

Unsurprisingly, things don’t always go to plan when making TV shows.

Careless shots reveal cameramen in the background of scenes and stand-ins for actors are sometimes left in the frame.

Continuity gaffs are always common – especially in long-running TV shows.

According to, The Simpsonshas the most TV mistakes of all time (2,090 in total), while Friends comes third with 1,505 errors.

Sometimes the glaring mistakes actually happen in the promotional material, such as on posters or in trailers.

Although no show can be perfect all of the time, it’s sometimes baffling how some of these mistakes managed to stay in.

But at least it makes for amusing viewing, once you’ve spotted the mistakes.

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