The best Black Friday tech deals still available this weekend

The best Black Friday tech deals still available this weekend
AppleiPhoneやSamsungGalaxyからHuaweiの時計まで, ゼンハイザーとビート, これらは、Amazonで見つけた最高のブラックフライデーの技術取引です。, カリーズなど

ブラックフライデー is in full swing and you’re not going to want to miss it. The highlight of the sales calendar runs right through until サイバー月曜日 tomorrow on 29 November and we’ll be here sourcing deals throughout.

There are countless thousands of Black Friday tech deals to sift through, so we’ve separated out our expert coverage to include more テレビのお得な情報 そして ノートパソコンのお得な情報. そのように, we’ve plenty of space here in our main tech guide to focus on everything else, from games consoles and おもちゃ to phones, タブレット, smart home gadgets and electrical appliances.

ライブでフォロー: 最高のブラックフライデーのお得な情報は今でも利用可能です

We’re seeing discounts on products from top brands such as 林檎, ダイソン そして サムスン, プラスを含む小売業者からの取引 ジョンルイス & パートナー, カリーズ, アルゴス, アマゾン, そして 非常に. With chip shortages and supply-chain issues wreaking havoc with the availability of high-end electronics around the world, we’ll be paying especially close attention this weekend to those tech products that are hardest to find in stock.

So whether you’re in the market for some AirPodsiPad, or a new Dyson and some smart lighting, インクルード IndyBest team is here to help you find the deals you’re looking for. You might even bag yourself a PS5 or an XboxシリーズX, if you’re really lucky. This article is being updated with the very best hand-picked deals we can find throughout the event. 覚えて, we’ll be adding more deals right across the weekend and into Cyber Monday, so be sure to check back for the latest offers.


Best Black Friday 2021 tech deals

ソニーWF-1000XM4ノイズキャンセリングイヤホン: 249ポンドでした, 今£199,

現在、SonyWF-1000XM4イヤフォンが£50オフになっています. 最高の 2021, それらは、巧妙な機能と非常に魅力的なオーディオ忠実度が満載のノイズキャンセリングバッドのペアです。. イヤフォンは、動き回っているときに感知し、周囲の環境に合わせてノイズキャンセルをダイヤルします。, 公共交通機関を利用しているときは急上昇し、道路の近くを歩いているときは交通音を許可します. のまとめでは の最高のワイヤレスイヤフォン 2021, 私たちのレビューアは、イヤホンの低音応答と全体的な品質を賞賛しました. 「これらは小さいですが, 軽いイヤフォン, 彼らは重要な低音だけでなく素晴らしいを管理します, 高音の正確な明瞭さ. 繊細でパワフル, ワイヤレスヘッドホンの中で最高のオーディオをいくつか備えています。」


Sony ZV1 compact vlogging camera, 黒: £699でした, 今£579,

Whether you want to kickstart your YouTube career or just take beautiful snapshots on your travels, the Sony ZV1 is the best compact camera you can buy. Right now there’s £100 off in Currys’s Black Friday sale. We awarded the Sony ZV1 the top spot in our round-up of the best vlogging cameras 今年の初め. “It offers the features and functionality of a way more expensive mirrorless camera, in a compact package that’s as convenient to carry around as a smartphone,” said our expert tester.


Sony WH-1000XM4 noise cancelling headphones: 299ポンドでした, now £249,

If you prefer over-ear headphones to in-ears, then look no further than the Sony WH-1000XM4s. These are the best wireless headphones we’ve ever tested, and right now they’re discounted by £50 at Currys. 私たちの中で レビュー we were blown away by the audio, saying “while the active noise cancellation quality might just be pipped by the Bose NC 700s (was £349.95, now £289.95,, it’s an incredibly fine margin, and when it comes to the full package, the XM4s can’t be beaten. The audio quality on offer is top of the tree, with barely a foot put wrong.”


New Dell G15 (special edition) gaming laptop: Was £1,729, now £1,329,

There’s a stonking great £400 taken off the latest Dell G15 gaming laptop over at the brand’s official storefront. This 15.6in tank of a laptop is packing a powerful GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, 32GB of RAM and the latest Core i7 processor, while the 1080p display boasts a 360Hz refresh rate that ensure games look at their absolute best wherever you decide to play.


Oral-B genius X electric toothbrush: Was £299.99, 今£89.99,

Electric toothbrushes bounce around in price constantly, making it difficult to spot a genuinely good deal on one. We’ve seen the Oral-B genius X on sale for as little as £100 at Boots, but £89.99 is the its lowest-ever price. に our review, our tester called it “a smart electric brush with premium cleaning ability”, with a useful app that “aims to be your personal brushing coach”.


Apple iPhone 13 プロ: 月額71ポンドでした, 今月額£35.50,

Threeは、契約の最初の6か月間、最新のiPhoneを半額で提供しています. 128GBプロモデルには69ポンドの初期費用がかかりますが, あなたはまだ無制限のテキストを取得します, 通話と高速5Gデータ. プラス, また、Amazonで使用できる100ポンドのギフト券を受け取ります. 私たちの iPhone 13 プロレビュー 新しいカメラを賞賛した, 「写真の改善だけでもアップグレードする価値があります。, より高速なプロセッサとより優れたカメラセンサーによって可能になりました。」

Want to see all of our iPhone Black Friday deals? Head to our dedicated Apple Black Friday deals page.


Beats powerbeats pro: Was £219.95, 今£149,

Need an excellent pair of wireless earbuds for running? The powerbeats pro are our top pic for sprinters in our round-up of the サイバーマンデーは、クリスマス前に掘り出し物を買う最後のチャンスです. “The most comfortable true wireless running earbuds have over-ear hooks, and in this category the Beats powerbeats pros are the best workout earbuds you can buy,」私たちの作家は彼らの中で言った レビュー. “Whether you’re rocking an iPhone or an Android, they deliver exceptional comfort and fit, decent all-round sound quality and a battery life that could outlast your latest resolution to take up running again.”


Apple Watch series SE, GPS, 38んん: Was £269, now £249,

There’s £20 off the Apple Watch SE at most retailers this Black Friday weekend. The more affordable smartwatch cuts out some of the expensive features you might not want or need, such as the ECG and blood oxygen monitors, but leaves all the best stuff intact. That means you get the same signature Apple design, a responsive and smooth scrolling touchscreen and enough health tracking features to satisfy all but most data-giddy workout enthusiasts.


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G: Save £600 on your airtime when you trade in,

You can save a total of £600 on a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G over the course of a two year phone contract with this Black Friday deal from Vodafone. Just trade in an iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 lite, S10+ or S10e to reduce your airtime bill by £12 per month. Add that monthly saving to Vodafone’s Black Friday offer of £312 off your 24 month contract and you’ve got a giant discount on the most powerful Android phone you can buy.


NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 Deluxe’ and three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership: £329.98でした, 今£259.99,

The red and blue neon version of the Nintendo Switch is our favourite colour variant, and now this bundle with マリオカート 8 is on sale at its lowest ever price. いつものように, you get the neon colourway with its contrasting joy-cons, as well as the black Switch dock. With this Black Friday deal, you’re essentially just paying for the console and getting マリオカート for free. Pick it up now and you’ll be racing around Rainbow Road in no time.

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Adobe Creative Cloud: Was £49.94 per month, now £30.34 per month,

Adobe is discounting its industry-leading suite of creative tools to mark Black Friday. For individuals there’s 39 per cent off the full apps package for 12 月, which includes popular apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and Premiere, while business customers can take advantage of a time-limited 30 パーセント割引. This offer ends today, so if you want to flex your creative muscle on the cheap, you need to act quickly.


Instax square SQ1 instant camera: £119.99でした, now £79,

This cute instant camera makes the perfect Christmas present – just be sure to gift it before the party starts, so you can capture the best moments. This model is a fully automatic, point-and-shoot analogue camera with no fiddly controls to worry about, and just like a classic Polaroid, your shots are developed and printed on square film that pops out of the top of the device. A pack of 20 sheets costs £16.99 (, so make sure every shot counts.


Microsoft Surface go 2 10in tablet PC: £529でした, 今£339,

Microsoft’s budget tablet is a gorgeous portable device that – unlike the rival iPad and Galaxy tab – runs a full-fat version of Windows and so is compatible with all of the same apps, programs and software you can use on your desktop machine. The Surface go 2 appeared in our list of the best tablets in 2021, where our reviewer described how it can “double as a laptop if you add the type cover (£99,, a sturdy keyboard that fits to the front of the tablet and is sold separately.” The more advanced Surface go 3 launched recently, which is why you can pick up last year’s version so cheaply today.


Facebook portal: 149ポンドでした, now £79,

There’s £70 off the Facebook portal TV in Currys’s Black Friday sales event. This smart, low-profile camera sits beneath your TV and uses the screen to make and take video calls with friends on Messenger and WhatsApp. Call quality is said to be crystal clear and the face-tracking camera ensures you or your family are always centred in frame. Fun features such as a story time mode with playful AR filters help families stay in touch over long distances.


Amazon Fire 7 タブレット, 16 GB, 黒 (with ads): £49.99でした, now £29.99,

There’s £20 off Amazon’s best-selling tablet right now. The seven inch Fire 7 is a cheap and cheerful way to read books, browse the web, watch movies and TV shows and listen to your music on the go. It’s not the most powerful device you can buy, but it has features where it matters: there are front-facing and rear cameras, integrated Alexa and expandable storage, plus all of the major streaming apps and catch-up services. The Fire 7 was already ridiculously good value at £49.99, and now at just £29.99 a pop, you could use them to tile your bathroom.


LG OLED C1 48in 4K HDMI 2.1 ドルビービジョンIQを備えたスマートテレビ: £1,299でした, 今£999,

The LG OLED48C16LA is relatively compact for an OLED TV at “just” 48in. しかしながら, トップエンドのOLEDパネルテクノロジーとドルビーアトモスチューンドスピーカーの使用のおかげで, それでも、豊かで映画のような視聴体験を提供します. 小さなフラットを持っている人や、このリストにある他のOLEDの巨人のように、テレビが生活空間を支配することを望まない人にとっては理想的な選択肢です。. Right now at Box there’s a £300 discount.

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Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 pro with 200GB of 5G data: £35 per month, has the best Black Friday deals on the brilliant new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro phones, so have a browse for the one that works best for you. We’ve highlighted the 200GB data plan with Vodafone here, which comes with no upfront cost and 5G connectivity for £35 per month over two years. For an extra £4 per month you can get the same 200GB deal on the Pixel 6 プロ (£39 per month,

Not sure which to go for? 私たちをチェックしてください Pixel 6 versus Pixel 6 pro comparison, where our reviewer recommended the phones to “Android fans who want to experience the first truly premium handset from Google, a high-end luxury smartphone to rival the best that Apple and Samsung can offer.”


Google Nest hub, second generation: £89.99でした, 今£59.99,

This is the newest version of Google’s screen-equipped smart speaker. As well as playing music and responding to voice commands, the Nest hub can display useful information such as commute times and public transport delays in the morning, recipe tutorials while you cook dinner, or appointments, alarms and weather updates before bed. Position it on your bedside table and it can use motion and sound sensing to analyse your sleep duration and quality without the use of wearables, giving you an overview of your sleep patterns and suggesting nightly routines that could help to improve your sleep hygiene.


Google Pixel buds a-series: £99.99でした, 今£79.99,

The second-generation Pixel buds are a huge improvement over the previous design, and deliver excellent, richly detailed audio in a neat form factor that makes them comfortable to wear over long periods. Built-in Google Assistant and smart features, such as how the buds adjust the volume as you walk from a loud space to a quiet space, make these a top pick for Android users. 私たちの中で Pixel buds a-series review, we heralded them as “AirPods for the Android crowd”.


BT Sport package: Was £15 a month, now £7.50 a month for three months,

With an exciting winter of sport ahead of us, score three months of half-price BT Sport this Black Friday. Its sport package includes all BT Sport channels, Boxnation and a handy recordable TV box for capturing your favourite programmes to watch when you’re home. If that doesn’t quite fit the bill, BT is also offering a half price discount for three months on its “big sport” package, which also includes all 11 Sky Sports channels. Bear in mind when you sign up that this is a 24-month contract minimum.


Fitbit sense lunar white: Was £279.99, now £189.99,

Save £90 on this Fitbit sense lunar white, complete with high and low heart rate notifications, personalised health and guidance, EDA scan that detects electrodermal activity to stress and an impressive battery life that lasts 6+ 日々. In our full review our tester raved about the health device saying: 「 Fitbit Sense offers such in-depth monitoring and advanced personal support that it’s worth the extra money.”


Google Chromecast: Was £30, now £16.99,

The newest version of Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle is almost half price in Argos’s Black Friday sale. The Jammie Dodger sized device plugs into a free HDMI port on your TV, enabling you to stream video entertainment, music and pictures from your phone, tablet or laptop. If you can watch or listen to it on your phone, you can pop it on your TV at the press of a button or with a voice command.


Huawei watch 3: £349.99でした, 今£279.99,

The first Huawei watch to use the company’s new HarmonyOS operating system, the Huawei watch 3 is a beautiful, high-performance and fitness-first wearable with a bright AMOLED display and a stylish design. The software lags behind Apple and Google’s offerings when it comes to third-party apps, but the health sensors, workout modes and GPS tracking make it a fantastic choice for Android users.


アマゾンエコードット (3rd gen) smart speaker: £39.99でした, 今£18.99,

アマゾンのエコードットスピーカーは、ブラックフライデーで最も人気のあるアイテムの一部です, partly because the retailer slashes the price of its own-brand products by a ridiculously large amount. 最新の第4世代Echodotの割引をまだ待っています, Amazon has unveiled an impressive half-price offer on the third gen model. 私たちの中で 最新のエコードットのレビュー, 私たちのテスターは範囲について言った: 「Amazonのスマートスピーカーは非常に人気があります, 正当な理由で: Alexaは簡単にセットアップできます, ナビゲートが簡単で、スピーカー自体も高品質です。」最新のモデルを使用することにあまり関心がない場合, この初期の取引はあなたのためです.


AppleAirPodsプロ: 239ポンドだった, 今£185,

Apple AirPods pro are pretty expensive but, アマゾンの初期のブラックフライデーセールのおかげで, you can snap them up with a £40 discount. 私たちの中で イヤフォンのレビュー, 私たちのテスターは、「多くの欠陥を見つけるのが難しいハイエンドのイヤホンです」と述べました. オリジナルのAirPodsと同様のデザインを保持 (119ポンドでした, 今£99,, Appleの特徴的な光沢のある白い仕上げが特徴ですが、3つの異なるサイズのシリコンイヤチップが付属しています, だからあなたはあなたにぴったりの人を見つけることができます.


Logitech streamcam: Was £139, 今£74.99,

A webcam designed for creators and social media stars, the Logitech streamcam can be quickly twisted 90 degrees to film in portrait mode for Instagram reels and TikTok posts. We featured this webcam in our round-up of the best cameras for vloggers, where our reviewed recommended the streamcam for everyday Zoom meetings. “The best-use case for the streamcam is with Zoom calls and video podcasts," 彼らが書きました, “where you need a no-fuss desktop camera that’s always on, but don’t want to look like you’re broadcasting from the bottom of a lake.


ゼンハイザーモメンタムトゥルーワイヤレス 2 イヤフォン: 279ポンドでした, now £175,

These noise-cancelling earbuds from Sennheiser are some of the best we’ve tested and featured in our round-up of the の最高のワイヤレスイヤフォン 2021. 私たちのレビュー called them “a significant upgrade. You don’t need to compromise on performance in exchange for comfort, or put up with unnecessary bulkiness if you want punchy, clear sound.” The only major downside we found in was their high price, but they’re a third off at Amazon right now.


All new Amazon Kindle paperwhite: Was £139.99, now £104.99,

あなたが熱心な読者であろうと本の虫の買い物であろうと, now is the time to snap up the newest Kindle as there’s currently £25 off its paperwhite model. デバイスは、ガイドのトップの座を占めました 最高の電子書籍, ライターは、「エントリーレベルのKindleからの大きな一歩」だと述べています。. 「非常に読みやすい高解像度画面」と「画面がフレームにぴったり合うデザインがエレガント」を特徴としています。.


Garmin forerunner 645 music GPS running watch: £349.99でした, now £179.99,

Perfect for runners who prefer to leave their phone and wallet at home, the Garmin forerunner 645 has storage for 500 曲, Bluetooth connectivity and contactless payment built in, freeing up your pockets while you exercise. The usual health sensors track everything from heart rate and cadence, while GPS tracks your location and pace. While this particular model didn’t make it into our list of the best running watches, two similar Garmin forerunners did.


Roku Express: £29.99でした, now £13.99,

TV-streaming sticks don’t get much cheaper than this. At less than half its regular price, the Roku Express gives access to Netflix, ディズニー+, iPlayer and all of your favourite streaming services. All you do is plug it into your TV, connect it to your wifi network, and away you go. The resolution is capped to Full HD instead of the superior 4K, but that’s still absolutely fine for a smaller bedroom television or computer monitor.



In days of yore, サイバー月曜日 was the online-only equivalent to ブラックフライデー. 今でも, with online shopping bigger than ever, Cyber Monday is just another part of the Black Friday weekend (or week, 多くの場合).

Some physical retailers like to hold back certain deals until Cyber Monday, making them online-only. But for the most part, the two days have merged into a four-day shopping bonanza.

昨年, Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in US retail history, with $10.7bn (77億ポンド) of sales in a single day.


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