The Bosh! boys reveal the vegan products they can’t live without

The Bosh! boys reveal the vegan products they can’t live without
Vegan duo Henry and Ian, Bosh!, share the plant-based products they can’t live without, from cookbooks and knives to subscription services and meat substitutes

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, better known as the minds behind hugely successful food brand Bosh!, are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

While they need little introduction, les plant-based power duo have been on a mission to prove that végétalien food should be neither restrictive nor boring by sharing easy to follow recipes on Youtube, Instagram and in their cookbooks.

But where did it all start? bien, Theasby became vegan after trialing a vegetarian diet as a new year’s resolution and Firth quickly followed suit after watching Cowspiracy – the Netflix documentary exposing the impact the agricultural industry has on the planet.

After becoming vegan the pair discovered that there was a lack of delicious plant-based food and recipes on offer, so they founded their channel in 2016. Fast forward to today and Bosh! has since amassed a huge following and produced six books, as well as a range of vegan ready meals, cake mixes, store cupboard essentials et sweet treats.

Comme vous vous en doutez, they have a whole lot of advice when it comes to adopting a plant-based lifestyle (or sustaining habits past barre de chocolat noir %). And it all starts with doing your research, “there are loads of great plant-based recipe creators out there”, so “find recipes you like the look of and save them for later”, they recommended.

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Once you’ve honed down on the types of dishes you want to create, “plan your meals for the week, write a shopping list, buy the food and stick to the plan”. Mais finalement, the key is to “treat yourself,” according to the pair. “Go to restaurants that are promoting vegan options and give them a whirl – those experiences will keep it fun and enjoyable," ils ont ajouté.

Whether you’ve taken part in Veganuary, are looking to take the plant-based diet plunge, or you’re a long-standing vegan, you’ll find some inspo here, as we spoke to the Bosh! duo to find out what their gamechanging products are.

Their favourite milk substitute: Oatly barista

New research suggests that Brits would be open to adopting a more vegan diet but would struggle to give up dairy. If you fall into this category Bosh! named Oatly barista their favourite milk alternative.

“Oatly has really nailed the consistency of dairy milk with its barista oat milk. It’s perfect for making frothy lattes at home,” praised the duo.

Should you be after a cheese substitute, “Bute Island’s sheese (£2.42, is genuinely very good. It has a great zippy flavour, provides a lovely creamy mouthful and it melts really nicely”.

Their favourite new vegan food: Domino’s vegan pepperonay

“There have been loads of launches this Veganuary but we like Domino’s vegan pepperonay the most. Domino’s was our go-to naughty takeaway when we used to eat meat, so it’s nice to know we can revisit those days once more, but only every now and again of course.”

The cookbook they’re most proud of: ‘Bosh! Simple Recipes’ by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, published by HQ

“We are most excited by the latest cookbook, Bosh! on a Budget (10 £, as we think we’ve found a really great balance with the recipes – there’s something for everyone and it’s really affordable.”

"Pourtant, our favourite is our first, Bosh! Simple Recipes, as it was our debut cookbook and it has turned into a go-to for people who are trialling plant-based food for the first time.”

The most used item in their kitchen: Wüsthof ikon classic knife set

“Good sharp knives are expensive but if you look after them and keep them sharpened, they’ll be the best kitchen investment you’ll ever make. Wüsthof knives are ridiculously sharp, have a nice weight to them and have really comfortable handles. We think they’re great!"

Their favourite plant-based subscription box: The Vegan Kind lifestyle box

“We know The Vegan Kind founders really well and the business they’ve built over the last five years is seriously impressive. The Vegan Kind’s subscription box is the original and in our opinion, the best (and occasionally they include Bosh! des produits, which is marvellous)."

The first vegan cookbook they bought: ‘Isa Does It’ by Isa Moskowitz, published by Little, Brown Book Group

If you’re looking for a cookbook with recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, this is the answer. You can expect everything from beetroot burgers to sweet potato red curry, et bien plus. It “was the first vegan cookbook we bought so it has a special place in our hearts,” said the Bosh! duo.

And the author is certainly one you can trust because Moskowitz’s more recent book I Can Cook Vegan (£ 15.99, took the top spot in our review of the best vegan cookbooks.

The vegan food product they can’t live without: Bosh! nooch nutritional yeast

“Nooch is a great way to give your dinner a subtle cheesy zip. It’s basically a vegan parmesan. It’s also really healthy because it’s packed with vitamin B12. If you’ve never tried Bosh! nooch before, you need to because it really is delicious.”

Their favourite meat substitute: Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary sausages

Finding the best plant-based meat substitutes is no mean feat when you’re first adopting a vegan or veggie diet, but Henry and Ian named these their go-to, calling Linda McCartney the “OG of vegan meat”. So they’re very much worth a try.

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