The Independent inicia parceria exclusiva com Alamy

The Independent inicia parceria exclusiva com Alamy
The Independent has partnered with Alamy, renowned British stockist of photography, to bring you a collection of over 70,000 exclusive images from our historic photography archives

O Independente’s project of image and article digitisation is nearing completion, with many exciting points of access to share with readers in the coming months.

Earlier this summer, O Independente embarked on a partnership with leading stock agency Alamy to showcase and make available over 70,000 iconic Independent images to a global customer base.

O Independente Lançado em 1986 as a trailblazing broadsheet with an emphasis on quality photojournalism, often forgoing traditional front page copy in favour of striking imagery used across several columns. Its pioneering use of imagery earned several industry accolades during the 1990s, including “Black and White Newspaper of the Year” and “British Newspaper of the Year” (British Picture Editors’ Awards), as well as “Best Use of Photography” (British Newspaper Awards).

Editor and founder Andreas Whittam Smith holding a copy of the first edition of The Independent in October 1986

The dramatic use of pictures across many columns of the broadsheet newspaper and supplements was a revelation and inspired other broadsheets to adopt the trend.

9 novembro 2009 - 20 years after the fall of the Berlin wall: the cover story featured in Independent Life, revisiting key events covered and captured by original reports and images from The Independent

Iconic pictures that featured in O Independente e The Independent on Sunday entre 1986 e 2012 will be available to Alamy’s customers in the editorial and creative sectors, for use by TV and film producers, book and magazine publishers, graphic designers, e mais.

View Alamy’s Highlight Gallery aqui

Alamy represents some of the best editorial collections in the world and possess the world’s most diverse stock photo library. O Independente joins more than 160 news agencies on Alamy, including PA, Reuters, Xinhua, dpa and Zuma.

James Allsworth, head of content at Alamy, disse: “O Independente has a long heritage of championing photojournalism and this stunning portfolio showcases the storytelling power of imagery. We represent some of the best editorial collections in the world and are delighted that Alamy’s customers will now have access to O Independente’s iconic photography.”

Here at the Indy we would like to share with you our iconic imagery from throughout the years, and make accessible our vast and historic archives to industry professionals and the public alike.

Sophie Hanbury, director of syndication and licensing partnerships at O Independente, disse: “We are delighted that O Independente’s unique photography archive will be enjoyed by new generations. Whether it’s our photography or our move to digital, O Independente has always been at the forefront of innovation and enterprise, and we’re thrilled to continue this tradition through our partnership with Alamy.”

Stay tuned for more exciting archive developments and new ways to access!

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