The Killers’ Brandon Flowers remembers feud with Richard Dawkins

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers remembers feud with Richard Dawkins
The singer and biologist clashed over religion

Brandon Flowers has recalled the time he got into a televised spat with Richard Dawkins, the controversial author and evolutionary biologist.

The unlikely duo appeared together on the Swedish TV show, Skavlan – alongside Ulrika Johnson and Bjorn from Abba – where they engaged in a heated debate about religion.

In an interview with NME, the Killers frontman reflected on the incident and said it was a “wild half hour of his life”.

He credited Dawkins with being a “seasoned debater”.

“I wasn’t planning on debating him and I wouldn’t pretend to try to convince him that there is a God or a saviour!” he said.

Flowers, a Mormon, also said that his religion was a “beautiful thing” and said that he “took offence” at Dawkins’ bestseller, The God Delusion.

In the book, Dawkins labelled Mormon Church founder, Joseph Smith a “charlatan” and The Book of Mormon “an obvious fake”.

Brandon Flowers of The Killers also has a solo career

Flowers later told The Guardian: “Nothing that science will ever find will disprove that God had a hand in it, for me. So it’s a useless debate.”

The Killers’ new album, Pressure Machine, is out now and features a collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers. Read The Independent’s review here.


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