The next Nintendo Direct will focus on third-party titles – here’s how to watch

The next Nintendo Direct will focus on third-party titles – here’s how to watch
The next Nintendo Direct will feature 25 minutes of third party titles. Here’s how to watch the event live, when it starts and what new details to expect

Since the events started in 2011, Nintendo Direct live-streams have become the gaming giant’s favourite way to announce new titles and show off gameplay.

It’s also a great opportunity for the company to showcase some of its third party publishers and the games they’re working on. Just last week, we were treated to news about the upcoming JRPG, Chroniques de Xenoblade 3.

We’re particularly fond of the format as it gives us a much better idea of what Nintendo is willing to share more publicly and narrows down what we can expect in future announcements.

We can expect to see around 25 minutes of brand new footage going into greater detail around some of the titles we can expect to see later this year.

Nintendo also makes a habit of releasing some Jeux and demos on the e-shop immediately after the event has ended, so we’ll get to see if that’s the case for some highly anticipated titles.

To find out how to watch the event and when it starts, continuez à lire le reste de l'article ci-dessous.

How to watch the Nintendo Direct June 2022 un événement

Nintendo confirmed that the next Direct event would be a third-party showcase and would air on 8 juin 2022 at 3pm CEST. If you want to watch it in the UK, that means it is expected to start at 2pm BST.

You can also watch the live-stream on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. Make sure that you click the bell icon to set a reminder for when the event starts.

As this Nintendo Direct is a “partner showcase”, don’t expect to hear about any of Nintendo’s own projects, such as the delayed Souffle de la nature 2, but we may have more information on some other hotly anticipated titles, tel que Bayonette 3, which is published by Sega.

le last Nintendo Direct we saw was on the 22 juin, which focused exclusively on Chroniques de Xenoblade 3,an upcoming JRPG from Monolith Soft.

Pre-orders for Chroniques de Xenoblade 3 are available now.

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