The PS5 could drop at ShopTo, Scan and more today

The PS5 could drop at ShopTo, Scan and more today
Onde você pode comprar um PS5 hoje? Follow live for the latest PS5 restock UK updates from John Lewis, Argos, ShopTo and more

<p>We’re on the lookout for a late week Friday drop</p><p>We’re on the lookout for a late week Friday drop</p>

We’re on the lookout for a late week Friday drop

O PS5 lançado em novembro 2020, but supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of Son’y next-generation console to a crawl. Novo estoque é difícil de encontrar, e quando aparece o PS5 se esgota rápido.

July has been a mixed bag so far, but restocks have been picking up pace again, with four drops last week from the likes of Muito, Brinquedos smyths, Argos e Jogo. Ontem, we saw drops at Amazonas e AO, com Asda e ShopTo potentially following today.

If you’re looking to buy a PS5, there’s still hope. Nosso blog ao vivo está disponível para fornecer as últimas informações sobre o Playstation 5 restocks from all major retailers, tanto online quanto na loja, além de fornecer detalhes sobre rumores de lançamentos, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Verifique o estoque de varejistas do PS5 no Reino Unido abaixo:


When will ShopTo have the PS5 in stock?

Stock sniffers are predicting a restock at ShopTo hoje.

The retailer last had the PS5 in stock on 11 julho, though the supply didn’t last very long. The store tends to receive anaemic allocations of Sony’s next-gen machine, so you’ve got to be fast to swoop in and get that chap in your trolley.

Steve Hogarty30 julho 2021 08:53

Follow our stock tracking liveblog to find a PS5

Bom Dia, PlayStation hunters!

Welcome to Friday’s PS5 stock tracking liveblog, where we’ll be scanning the retail horizon for availability of Sony’s next-generation console. If new stock drops, we’ll alert you in real-time to give you the best chance of picking one up.

Agora mesmo, the PS5 is out of stock across the board. So far this week we’ve had restocks at Amazonas, Smyths Toys and Hoje, Asda, ShopTo e Ace Studio could all drop PS5 consoles.

When that happens, make sure you’re here with us to be the first to know about it.

Steve Hogarty30 julho 2021 08:32

Adeus de seus rastreadores de estoque PS5 residentes

Let’s recap today’s restock events, devemos? While it’s been fairly quiet on the restock front, it’s been a surprisingly eventful day on the whole. We had a strange Amazon half-drop in the morning in which only people who had added the PS5 to their Saved for Later list during the Prime-only drop yesterday were able to check out.

Then we had a drop at Smyths Toys Ireland. Only people who lived in, Nós vamos, Ireland were able to order the console. It did last an hour, though – pretty unusual for Smyths Toys. The biggest news was that we actually got a real concrete date for the next Amazon PS5 drop. If you didn’t see our earlier post, earmark 12 agosto. Por enquanto, we’re signing off. Thanks for following along with the liveblog, and we hope you were able to secure a console today!

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 17:00

The PS5 is basically impossible to secure. But do you know which gamers are laughing in glee at us console gamers? PC gamers, claro. If you want to join in on the PC gaming fun, why not take a look at our round-up of the best laptops?

The Dell XPS 15 is our pick for the best gaming laptop, with our reviewer saying that it’s a showcase of everything the manufacturer can reasonably pack into a single machine without the entire thing melting into a hot puddle of silicon and plastic. “The Dell XPS 15 is one of the best Windows laptops you can buy, and pairs a minimalist, no-fuss design with top-level functionality and performance,”Eles adicionaram.

Have a read of our best laptops guide below to find out what other machines we’re giving two big thumbs up to.

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Alex Lee29 julho 2021 16:37

PS5 SSD expansion

It’s finally official! Sony is going to allow PS5 beta owners to expand their console’s storage. While players can already attach an external hard drive to the PS5 using a USB, they can’t be loaded up with PS5 games, only PS4 games.

It’s complicated though. You need a screwdriver, a cooling structure like a heat sink and a PhD in engineering to attach it safely to your console. Have a read of the user manual and you’ll see what we mean. If you just want an external one, have a look at the Seagate, which features in our round-up of the melhores acessórios PS5.

8 melhores acessórios PS5 que irão aprimorar sua experiência de jogo

De controladores a associações, estes são os melhores acessórios PS5 para aprimorar seu jogo, da amazon, Sony, Nacon e mais

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 16:07

Need an Xbox series X instead?

Amazonas is having a weird ole day today. On top of people managing to buy a console from the retailer’s website, Amazon also had an Xbox series X drop, and it lasted all of two minutes. While it’s probably harder to secure than the PS5 , we’ve started tracking Xbox series X stock live as well.

Head on over to our live blog and we’ll provide you with the latest restock news and updates as they happen. We successfully predicted that Amazon would drop the series X today, and lo and behold, it did.

On the hunt for an Xbox? Follow our stock tracking live blog for updates

Where can you buy an Xbox series X in the UK today? Follow live for the latest Xbox series X restock updates from Argos, Jogo, John Lewis, Currys e mais

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 15:12

When is the next Amazon PS5 restock?

A fortunate consequence of the weird Save for Later Amazon hack earlier this morning? The retailer has inadvertently revealed the date for the next Amazon PS5 restock, and it won’t be coming until the second week of August.

Novamente, discovered by the clever clogs over at @PS5UKStock, Amazon is expected to drop new consoles on 12 agosto. Big whoops! Make sure to add the console to your Save for Later list when it next drops. It will most likely be a Prime-exclusive drop, similar to yesterday.

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 14:17

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Alex Lee29 julho 2021 13:22

Want a Nintendo Switch instead?

If all the stock issues associated with Sony’s latest console has got you feeling a little, Nós vamos, over it, perhaps consider a Nintendo Switch (£279.99, as a viable alternative.

There is fierce competition between the best gaming consoles. In our round-up, our writer noted that “Nintendo has never been afraid of taking risks with its console designs, and the Switch console, first released in 2017, is a perfect example of them getting it just right.”

As “a home console that can be detached from a TV dock and used as a portable device,” it’s “well-suited to couch multiplayer, a mode that is facilitated by the novel controller design, which allows each controller to separate into two parts, each functioning independently.”

No início deste mês, the company announced a new console called the Nintendo Switch OLED – it’s already out of stock everywhere, despite only being available to buy on a pre-order basis.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order is live on Amazon – and it’ll likely go fast

The Nintendo Switch OLED is available to pre-order in the UK. Here’s where to buy it, it’s price, release date, specs, battery life and more

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 12:40

Smyths Toys PS5 stock is now live in Ireland

Do you live in Ireland? Stock of the PlayStation 5 disc edition console (£ 449,99, has just been made available. We can’t see any in-store stock available but, pessoalmente, we prefer home deliveries anyway.

Live in the UK? We should be getting another Smyths Toys restock early next month, so keep watch for a drop then.

Alex Lee29 julho 2021 11:58

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