The PS5 is back in stock at Game

The PS5 is back in stock at Game
All the latest news on PS5 console restocks at retailers across the UK, including Argos, Smyths, Game and John Lewis


PS5 sales getting close to Nintendo Switch

ATUALIZAR: The PS5 is back in stock at Jogo. Continue lendo para mais informações.

It has now been over a year since Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), first arrived in the UK. But supply problems and a worldwide chip shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic have caused the production of the device to slow. New stock is still tricky to find and, when it does appear, a PS5 sells out quickly.

November started incredibly slowly, with PS5 restocks only appearing at John Lewis & Sócios, Jogo e ShopTo during the first week of the month.

The situation has since improved though and we have seen recent restocks at Muito, AO, Argos, Asda and Littlewoods, plus a drop at Sony’s new PS Direct online store. There have also been several more restocks at Jogo. Let’s just hope the momentum continues as we edge towards Christmas.

Se você ainda está procurando um PS5, Você veio ao lugar certo. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on restocks from all major UK retailers, tanto online quanto na loja, além de fornecer detalhes sobre rumores de lançamentos, plus the latest Jogos PS5 e acessórios abocanhar.

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Verifique o estoque de varejistas do PS5 no Reino Unido abaixo:


Os consoles de jogos PS5 estão de volta em estoque

And here we go, the second round of Game PS5 consoles have arrived. As we mentioned earlier, these are likely cancelled orders from the previous drop, so are going to go extremely quickly.

There are no standalone consoles left, so don’t bother trying to grab one of those! Punt for a bundle with a cap – those sell out the slowest.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 14:07

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If you’re on the hunt for the other elusive console – you know which one we’re talking about, then make sure to head over to our other liveblog, where we’re obsessively tracking restocks of the Xbox série X.

We’ll be providing you with all the intel you need to know over on the liveblog, including our top Xbox drop predictions and the latest news.

Xbox UK restock news – siga ao vivo

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Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 14:07

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Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 13:17

Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

Com certeza você pode! All the PS4 games you’ve been stacking up over the years will play on your disc edition PS5 just fine. If you’ve got a PS5 digital edition console, you’ll only be able to play PS4 games bought from the PlayStation Store.

Por que? Nós vamos, that’s the tradeoff with buying a digital edition console. There’s physically no disc slot for you to put any of your PS4 games into. Thankfully for some, the digital console isn’t in stock at Jogo hoje.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 12:27

The PS5 has sold out at Game but could drop again later this afternoon

After a couple of hours, the PS5 has now sold out at Jogo. The retailer sometimes restocks the console for a second time in the afternoon, but this is usually a much smaller drop, consisting of cancelled orders. It usually lasts around 15 minutos.

We’ll let you know if the console drops at Game again later today, so stay on the blog if you failed to bag the console this morning.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 11:37

Shoppers successfully check out at Game

Loads of you have been successful at Jogo this morning. We love to see it. Still in the queue? Keep waiting – there’s a chance you could still bag one, depending on your queue position.

If you haven’t been able to secure one yet, there’s a high probability that there’s going to be another restock of cancelled orders later this afternoon. We’ll let you know if there is another drop.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 11:30

Does PS5 come with controller?

Com certeza! You get one controller out of the box, but if you want to play with another person, you’ll have to buy a second dualsense controller. There’s a good controller bundle deal at Amazon right now.

‘Fifa 22’ PS5 standard plus edition with an extra dualsense controller: Was £129.98, now £103.98,

Haven’t managed to pick up Fifa 22 on the PS5 yet? Now’s your chance! The newest entry in the Fifa franchise is here, complete with the integration of HyperMotion technology, making the beautiful game look more realistic than ever before. Mais, there’s new in-game mechanics like explosive sprint, and a new goalkeeper system. Amazon is currently bundling the game with a PS5 dualsense controller.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 10:59

PS5 digital edition UK

Searching for the cheaper digital edition PS5? Tristemente, Jogo hasn’t put these on sale this time round, so you’ll only be able to buy the disc edition console from the retailer this morning.

If you’ve been following our stock updates for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the PS5 disc edition console is far easier to buy than the digital edition.

It’s been this way ever since the console was first released a year ago. Quando Eurogamer spoke to sources at various retailers before the console launched, it was told that retailers had been allocated around 25 per cent digital edition consoles and 75 per cent disc edition consoles. We doubt this has changed.

This might be your last chance to bag a console before Christmas though, so we’d try and nab a disc edition at Game if you can.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 10:35

Tips for the PS5 restock

Well done to anyone who has already managed to secure the console from Jogo. If you’re still in the queue, keep waiting – you’ll be at the checkout in no time.

Just joining us? The bundles that sell out the slowest are the ones with the PlayStation merch – so the T-shirts and the caps. Go for those and you’ll have the best chance of securing a console this morning.

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 10:05

The PS5 is now in stock at Game

SOUND THE ALARM! The PS5 is now in stock at Game.

The cheapest disc edition bundle comes with an additional controller and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (£561.97,

Other highlights include the same PS5 bundle, except with Demon’s Souls (£ 594,96, and a disc edition console with a second dualsense controller, chave catraca & Clank: Rift Apart e Fifa 22 for £644.96 (

Alex Lee30 novembro 2021 09:53

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