The Suicide Squad post-credits scenes tease return of DC characters

The Suicide Squad post-credits scenes tease return of DC characters
Additional sequences appeared to set up another movie

The Suicide Squad featured two scenes after the credits rolled that you might have missed.

James Gunn’s new DC film, which is a soft reboot of David Ayer’s 2016 film Suicide Squad, features a handful of character from that film as well as new additions.

Returning characters include Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman) and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), while Idris Elba and John Cena join the cast as Bloodsport and Peacemaker, respectively.

While the film, whose 15 age rating has confused viewers due to its amount of violence, appears to be close ended, a few additional scenes set up a future Suicide Squad movie.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

The first is a witty scene looping back to the opening sequence, in which the Task Force team led by Flag jump out of a helicopter and land in the ocean of Corto Maltese – only to discover the character Weasel can’t swim.

Despite Savant (Michael Rooker) dragging him to shore, Weasel is pronounced dead.

It turns out he wasn’t – a mid-credits scene shows Weasel waking up and running into the jungle.

The second scene is much more crucial into understanding what a future Suicide Squad film could look like for the reason it brings. much more important character back from the dead: Cena’s Peacemaker.

In the film, following a disagreement over how to handle top secret government files, Peacemaker kills Flagg. As he’s about to kill Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior), Bloodsport arrives and shoots him dead.

However, Waller’s team exhumes his body from the rubble at body is exhumed from the Jotunheim rubble, and decides to give him a lifeline in case they need him again “to save the f***ing world”.

It’s unknown whether Flag’s body is also found.

The Suicide Squad is in cinemas now.


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