The very latest Xbox restock news from Game, アルゴス, Currys and more on Black Friday

The very latest Xbox restock news from Game, アルゴス, Currys and more on Black Friday
XboxシリーズXの在庫は今日どこにありますか? Follow our restock tracker blog for live UK stock alerts and Xbox news from Smyths, カリーズ, 非常にそしてもっと


Microsoft offering ‘valued customers’ chance to buy Xbox Series X bundles

Happy Black Friday, one and all! はい, we know the sales have been going on for three weeks now already, but today is the big day itself and we’re in a celebratory mood. Hopefully this will encourage retailers to announce new Xbox series X stock

Speaking of the Xbox series X, it’s now over a year old and has been breaking sales records all over the place these last 12 月, but despite its apparent success the Xbox series X is still almost impossible to find in stock anywhere in the UK, オンラインと店舗の両方.

Bottlenecks in the manufacturing process as a result of a worldwide supply chain crisis and chip shortage have slowed the production of Microsoft’s next-generation console to a trickle, leaving shoppers in the UK wondering where to buy an Xbox.

ライブでフォロー: 今すぐ買い物をするのに最適なブラックフライデーのお得な情報

The smaller, less powerful and much cheaper Xbox series S is easier to find in stock, but the more advanced XboxシリーズX sells out within minutes of hitting the shelves. Knowing when and where the newest Xbox will be restocked next is key to grabbing one before they sell out again.

That’s why we launched our Xbox stock alerts liveblog. If you’re wondering where to buy an Xbox series X in the UK today, we’re here to help. 未満, we’ll update you with the latest live restock updates as soon as they happen, as well as any news on predicted restock dates, new games and accessories and milestone events.




Xbox Series X console is in stock at Asda!

We’re hearing that the UK supermarket has restocked the Xbox series X console.

Go go go!

The console is available with Xbox All Access, which is an alternative to paying full price and lets you spread the expense out over two years.

It costs £28.99 per month and includes 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate, the Netflix-style games on demand service that usually costs £10.99 when purchased separately.

That’s £713 worth of stuff for £696, so represents good value for anyone hunting for an Xbox series X.

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If you’re new to the Xbox Series X/PlayStation 5 ハント, まず第一に, ダンスへようこそ, 第二に, この最も苛立たしい現象の背後にある理由を調べる以下の私の説明に興味があるかもしれません.




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The Xbox series X headsets to look out for

The series X is often bundled with a gaming headset to bump up the price and stave off scalpers.

The console doesn’t come with its own headset, but it’s compatible with all existing headsets for the Xbox One. Xboxワイヤレスコントローラー (£54.99, ヘッドフォンジャックもあります, そのため、通常のヘッドホンを接続して、テレビではなくヘッドホンでゲームオーディオを再生できます。, 邪魔したくない人と部屋を共有している場合に最適です.

アップグレードする必要がある場合、または独自のヘッドセットをまだ持っていない場合, マイクロソフトは、ワイヤレスXboxシリーズXヘッドセットを別途販売しています (£89.99, 多くのサードパーティメーカーがXbox互換のヘッドセットも製造しています.

JenniferAllen has rounded up the best gaming headsets you can buy today.

Immerse yourself in play with one of the best gaming headsets

Immerse yourself in play with these top gaming headsets for Xbox, PS5, PCなど, available from Amazon, アルゴスとカリーズ

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If you stream Netflix on your Xbox, a virtual private network (VPN) allows you to spoof your location and access movies and TV shows not normally available in your country.

VPNをXboxシリーズXに直接インストールすることはできません, but you can install one on your laptop and route your console’s internet connection through that. You can also install some VPNs on routers to cover all of your devices in one go.

VPNが遅いと、オンラインゲームが妨げられます, そのため、XboxシリーズXを最高のパフォーマンスで実行し続けるには、選択したVPNが高速で応答性が高く、オンラインでプレイするときのラグやドロップアウトを回避できるようにする必要があります。.

Check out Alex Lee’s round-up of the best VPNs for torrenting, streaming and gaming below.


iPhoneで最高のVPNサービス, Firestick, Netflixとストリーミングのための英国のAndroidなど, ProtonVPNを含む, ExpressVPN, NordVPNとCyber​​Ghost

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There are two next-gen Xboxes, the less powerful Xbox series S and the top-of-the-range Xbox series X.

All Xbox games old and new will run on both consoles, though on the less powerful Xbox series S the overall graphics quality will be dialled down.

The Xbox series S does not have a disc drive, has half the storage capacity and can only play downloaded games.

It is also much easier to find in stock than the series X and is also cheaper, たったの£249の費用 (

Here are the details, if you’re into comparing teraflops.


  • CPU: カスタム禅 2 8-コアCPU
  • GPU: 4 TFLOPS, 20 CUS
  • メモリー: 10GB GDDR6
  • ストレージ: 512GB SSD
  • 解決: 144060fpsでのp


  • CPU: AMD8コアZen 2 @ 3.8 GHz
  • GPU: 12TFLOPS, 52 CU @ 1.825 GHz
  • メモリー: 16GB GDDR6
  • ストレージ: 1TBカスタムWDSSD, オプションの1T
  • 解決: 460fpsでのK
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How to buy an Xbox series X online

While there are no restocks to report on so far this Black Friday, let’s go over some of basic tips when it comes to securing a console.

Preparation is key to success, and there are a bunch of things you can do right now to ensure you’re ready when the next restock happens.

  • Register an account and save your payment details at each of the retailers that stock the Xbox series X. They’re listed in the main article above
  • Are you a BT customer, or know somebody who is? Register your interest on the BT site to get exclusive access to BT’s next drop
  • Download each retailer’s app (if they have one) and add the Xbox series X to your wish list or “save for later” list
  • When the console drops, use the link in your wish list to add the Xbox to your trolley – this usually has a higher success rate than navigating through the website
  • Keep note of the prices of bundles to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Rounding up, the console itself is £450, controllers are £50, the official headset is £90, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs £11 per month. Newly released game are £60, but retailers usually bundle older games with the console
  • The pay-as-you-go Xbox All Access programme is good value for money, so long as you don’t already have a Game Pass subscription
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Did you know you can play Xbox games on your laptop?

It’s true! You don’t actually need an Xbox series X to play Xbox series X games, just a fast enough internet connection and a compatible streaming device.

Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games from Microsoft’s servers to your console, laptop or phone, インターネットブラウザまたはXboxアプリ経由.

How does cloud gaming work? Well it’s basically like being on a Zoom call with a game that you’re controlling, meaning you can jump into new games at the push of a button rather than waiting around for an installation.

Cloud gaming requires a membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£32.99,, 以上へのオンデマンドアクセスのロックを解除します 100 ゲーム. ありがたいことに, decent laptops are much easier to find than the Xbox series X.

アップグレードを考えている場合, 私たちのリストをチェックしてください で最高のラップトップ 2021.

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より多くのショッピングの洞察が欲しい? 無料でサインアップしてみませんか IndyBestニュースレター, IndyBestの専門家が選んだ今週の必需品のベストディールとまとめにアクセスできます.

毎週金曜日の朝に受信トレイにドロップします, この便利なダイジェストは、現場のプロによる試行錯誤されたレビューからのアイテムを特徴としています–苦労して稼いだ現金で最も情報に基づいた選択をするのに役立ちます.

取得する IndyBestニュースレター とすべてへのアクセス インデペンデント 他のニュースレター 今. 後悔することはありません.

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The best TVs for gaming on Xbox series X

To get the most out of the Xbox series X, you’ll need a 4K television.

Many next-generation games allow you to choose between a performance mode and a graphics mode. The former downgrades the visuals slightly for smoother framerates, while the latter mode enables higher resolutions and more fancy effects at the expense of framerate.

If your TV only goes up to 1080px, you won’t be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X.

To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.

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Have you managed to grab an Xbox already? Great work! 上手, in that case, you might like to have a gander at our round-up of the best Xbox series X games to decide which one to play first.

Both the Xbox series X and the PlayStation 5 have endured a slow launch, with the global coronavirus pandemic putting the brakes on development of many new titles. You’ll notice that many of the best Xbox series X games are upgraded and remastered versions of Xbox One games, but there are some genuine next-gen experiences to be enjoyed already.

Wondering which to play next? Here’s Steve Hogarty’s list of the best Xbox series X games of 2021, から Forza Horizo​​n 4, Sea of​​ Thieves, Assassin’s Creed: Valhallaハロー: マスターチーフコレクション.

XboxシリーズXの在庫を見つけることができました? これがあなたがプレイする必要のあるゲームです

次に何をプレイするのか疑問に思う? これが最高のXboxシリーズXゲームのリストです 2021, ForzaHorizo​​nから 4 ハローへ: マスターチーフコレクション

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