These eczema skincare products are the most gentle we’ve ever tried

These eczema skincare products are the most gentle we’ve ever tried
The Beauty of Eczema range is specially designed for sensitive skin – can the soothing cream, body wash and bath product oil soothe our skin – read our review

As anyone with eczema knows, unpredictable weather is a nightmare for our skin, and this summer has been a tricky one.

One minute we’re toasty in the sun, the next minute it’s chilly enough for a jumper, and the next, that jumper’s gotten all damp in an unexpected rain shower.

Weather that jumps from hot to cold is a common trigger for eczema flare-ups as our skin struggles to readjust. Going into autumn and winter can be a real nightmare, with unexpected hot or cold temperatures causing nasty flare-ups or prickly dryness that can take days or weeks to calm down.

Past solutions have seen hand-held fans, warm baths or plain old Vaseline to try and help the skin’s temperature readjust or calm down, but none have really done the trick.

As we’re always on the lookout for new skincare specially designed for eczema, The Beauty of Eczema stood out in that it’s clearly designed for us – it’s nice to feel special sometimes isn’t it? With words like “calming”, “soothing” and “pamper” in each of the product names, this natural and vegan range promises to be the most gentle of solutions.

A key difference with The Beauty of Eczema is that it “has been carefully formulated by someone with sensitive skin for sensitive skin.” Founder of brand, Camilla Knowles, is a qualified health coach, natural chef and author who takes a fully holistic approach to eczema.

Alongside designing The Beauty of Eczema products, Knowles advocates for an entire lifestyle that encourages glowing skin. This includes mental health awareness, body positivity, exercise and sleep. She outlines this approach in her book of the same title, which provides a tool kit for healing eczema.

The four products that make up the range; calming cream, skin warrior wash, pamper me bathing oil and salty soother are designed to be used together in a bathing ritual.

Can this range really be as pacifying as it says on the tin? We tried the Beauty of Eczema products to see if it could calm our angry eczema.

Hoe ons getoets het

We tested The Beauty of Eczema products for four weeks, replacing our usual moisturiser and bath products with the brand’s pink and white ones. We considered the process of applying the products – how it felt on skin while in the bath, and the effect it had on skin hours afterwards.

The Beauty of Eczema calming cream, skin warrior wash, pamper me bathing oil and salty soother

Koop nou £85.50,

Gradering: 8/10

On first impressions the packaging is pretty, but it might not be to everyone’s taste. There’s a pink and white theme going on, which is eye-catching but might clash with a more neutral-toned bathroom. Egter, we were very impressed that all the packaging is 100 per cent recyclable, so major bonus points there.

Oat ingredients seem to be booming in popularity among eczema sufferers, with hugely successful brands such as Aveeno using colloidal oatmeal as a key ingredient. Oat lipids are used in the Beauty of Eczema products, which are the oils extracted from oat kernels. Other popular eczema friendly ingredients include shea butter and sweet almond oil.

The first product to be tested is the calming cream (£22,, a daily moisturiser for face and body. The formula is rich without being sticky and absorbs into skin satisfyingly fast. It left skin feeling plumped and subtle, with a barely noticeable scent. Despite being a white colour, a bit like sunscreen, it left no residue on the skin at all, and our skin was noticeably moisturised hours later.

Up next is the skin warrior wash (£17.50, This is another rich formula that cleansed skin while feeling barely there. Many soaps and body washes can leave a tingling sensation on irritable skin, but this wash got to work oh-so-gently. We also loved the advice on the packing, telling us to “finish with a quick blast of cool water if you dare” – something that would only be recommended by someone who has actually experienced eczema themselves.

The most surprising product in the range was the salty soother (£ 15,, as we’d never dared try a salty bath product before – the stinging sensation that sea water can cause to delicate skin is enough to scare us off. Egter, we had heard anecdotally that salt water baths may be helpful in clearing up eczema, and can even help with infection, so we were intrigued. It was hard to tell what effect the salt had on our skin, but the salt certainly helped to relax muscles and relieve tension. Here’s where Knowles’ all-round approach comes in; if you can melt away the stress, your skin will start to improve.

En uiteindelik, the pamper me bathing oil (£ 24, , which ticked all our boxes. Somehow, without making the water oily, this clever liquid turns the bathwater into a soothing, moisturising soup. Though it comes out of the bottle as a gel, it dissolves quickly into the water to turn milky. It has a slightly nutty, oatmeal smell – not surprising given that it contains oat lipids – that feels wholesome and rich. After a dip in this, our whole body felt nourished and supple.

Die uitspraak: The Beauty of Eczema

Algehele, we can’t say whether The Beauty of Eczema products “healed” our eczema, but to be fair, that would be a very tall order to ask. They certainly soothed raw skin, helping dryness to become moisturised and calmed. The natural ingredients and absence of any additional fragrances or colours are perfect for anyone who has skin that can be easily irritated. The pampering oil and the salty soother certainly made for an uber relaxing bathing experience, and the natural oils left our skin nourished for days. Alles in ag geneem, these are some fail-safe, trusty products that will surely soothe even the most stubborn of eczema.


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