‘They feeding y’all like it’s Fyre Festival’: Internet reacts to food at the Met Gala

‘They feeding y’all like it’s Fyre Festival’: Internet reacts to food at the Met Gala
‘This is why they don’t show y’all the food,’ the actor joked

Actor and TV personality Keke Palmer has shared a photograph of her meal at fashion’s most lavish night of the year, where the food was less than glam.

Palmer posted a photograph of her dinner plate on des médias sociaux mardi 14 September after a Twitter user asked her what was on the menu at Monday’s Met Gala.

“The menu chile”, Palmer replied, alongside a sad-looking plate of aliments.

Although it did look like Palmer had already made a start on her food before taking the picture, the portion was small.

The plate featured a sweetcorn and tomato salad, some barley, three slices of courgette and a fourth indistinguishable vegetable, which looked like it could either be a piece of browned broccoli or a type of mushroom.

One person posted a close-up of the vegetable, l'écriture: “I’m trying to figure out what this is.” One user joked in response: “That’s um bronchitis”.

Marcus Samuelsson, a chef who helped create the menu for the evening, Raconté TMZ on Wednesday that the vegetable was in fact a mushroom.

Some compared the plate to the food at the notorious failed Fyre Festival, which served guests cheese sandwiches after they paid upwards of $1000 (£722) for tickets.

“They feeding y’all like it’s Fyre Festival," une personne a dit. Another replied: “Didn’t the Fyre Festival at least have a cheese sandwich.”

Palmer also shared the photograph to her Instagram stories. “This is why they don’t show y’all the food. I’m just playin’," elle a écrit, adding a side-eye emoji.

A ticket to the Met Gala reportedly costs $30,000 apiece (£24,000), and tables cost $275,000 (£215,000), selon Vogue.

This year’s Met Gala guests sat down to a three-course meal that was entirely plant-based.

En août, Samuelsson told Bon Appetit the organisers had opted for a meat-free menu because it represents how “food is changing in America”.

“We thought it was important to really talk about what’s present, what’s happening — how food is changing in America.

“We want to be the future of American food, of plant-based food. That conversation is happening now," il a dit.

The full menu included a salad starter, made using “farm-to-table” ingredients, followed by a creamy barley and corn dish for mains. For dessert, guests enjoyed an apple mousse with apple confit.

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