This hairbrush detangles knots better than anything else I’ve tried – including the tangle teezer

This hairbrush detangles knots better than anything else I’ve tried – including the tangle teezer
We can’t get enough of the Wetbrush flex dry hair brush for detangling knotted hair. This is why it deserves a spot in your haircare routine ASAP

I have fine hair but lots of it, and it’s perpetually knotty. The second I step out of the house or the shower, it’s full of tangled clumps that are painful and frustrating to brush out.

While I know it’s a first-world problem, having to painstakingly brush my hair over the course of 20 minutes to get the knots out is not only mind-numbingly dull but brings actual tears to my eyes.

Over the years I’ve tried everything from tangle teezers to combs, leave-in conditioners and detangling sprays in an attempt to make it easier, but nothing has made quite the difference like my Wetbrush flex dry (£13.99,

The first time I visited my usual salon after lockdown, I couldn’t wait to moan to my hairdresser about how irritating it had become to brush my hair. When sitting in the chair, she reached for a Wetbrush and, within minutes, had combed through my whole head of hair without a single wince from me. Nothing to lose, I thought – I’ll get my own one and try it at home.

When it first arrived on my doorstep, I was sceptical. It looks a little flimsy and is quite bendy, so I thought it wouldn’t last five minutes before breaking, getting stuck in my hair, or being as painful as every other brush I’ve tried. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a love letter to my favourite beauty tool.

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Wetbrush flex dry

Buy now £13.99,

Wetbrush is a haircare line that creates a range of detangling tools, from brushes to combs. The flex dry brush is specifically for wet hair, and the curved brush head is designed to fit the curves of your scalp to get rid of post-wash knots. It’s available in pink and black.

I’m not exaggerating when I say brushing my wet hair used to be a full-on arm workout, and I’d often stop for breaks (read: a cry) while trying to be as gentle as possible to avoid breakages or snagging.

This lightweight brush, however, glides through untameable clumps of knotty hair in seconds and leaves my locks straight and smooth – I can even run my fingers through it.

Sometimes I’ll bring it into the shower with me to brush through conditioner or a weekly mask. The Pureology hydrate softening treatment (£21.45, is my current go-to at keeping my blonde, highlighted hair in tip-top condition and this brush is great to ensure every strand is evenly saturated.

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I love that it has a handle, unlike my tangle teezer (£12,, which is constantly slipping out of my hands, whether wet or dry, landing on my toes or flying across the room. While I can’t fault the tangle teezer for being a great detangling tool, this Wetbrush is so much quicker that I’ll never go back.

Since stumbling across it two months ago, I’ve used it every day, twice a day, without fail. Even on dry hair it works wonders at smoothing out the matted knots I’ve developed when sleeping, and I’ve never experienced any discomfort or pain.

It sounds dramatic, but brushing my hair after a shower is something I look forward to now, rather than dread, and I’m so keen to make sure I’m never without it, I bought a second, identical brush to leave at my boyfriend’s flat.

The verdict: Wetbrush flex dry

I truly think the Wetbrush flex dry is worth the small investment if knotty hair is giving you headaches.

Brushing through my hair is no longer painful or time-consuming: instead, it’s a speedy, easy process that makes me wish I’d discovered this years ago.

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