Three is offering the new iPhone 13 pro with 50 折扣

Three is offering the new iPhone 13 pro with 50 折扣
Get your first six months for half-price when you buy the iPhone 13 pro on contract from Three in its January sales deal

Looking to upgrade your phone for 2022? is offering a raft of January sales offers, knocking up to 50 per cent off the first six months of a contract on a range of new devices.

Right now, you can grab the 苹果手机 13 亲 128GB with unlimited data and unlimited minutes for an upfront payment of £69, then get six months at half price – that’s £35.50 per month.

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It’s not the only half-price iPhone deal at Three. You can get last year’s iPhone 12 mini for £25 per month, saving more than £200 over the course of the contract.

And you can be sure that Android isn’t left out of the fun, 也, with deals to be had on the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, the Oppo find x3 pro, and the OnePlus 9 pro – all of which comfortably sailed into our list of the best smartphones of 2021.

Here at IndyBest, we’re continuously monitoring the retail landscape in search of the January discounts worth your time – just like these Three deals below – to help you navigate the mayhem. If it’s an iPhone you’re after, take a look at our January sales tech deals guide too as we’ll be adding all the best deals there.


苹果手机 13 pro 128GB: Was £71 per month, now £35.50 per month,

Three is offering the latest iPhone at half price for the first six months of a contract as part of its current sale. While there is an upfront cost of £69 on the 128GB pro model, you still get unlimited texts, calls and fast 5G data. 加, you’ll also receive three months of Apple TV when you seal the deal. 在我们的 iPhone 13 pro review, our in house expert praised the new camera, saying “the swathe of photographic improvements alone are worth upgrading for, made possible by a faster processor and better camera sensors.”


苹果手机 12 mini 64GB: Was £50 per month, now £25 per month,

The daintier variant of the iPhone 12 is a cute and compact smartphone that’s comfortable to use in one hand. It’s since been supplanted by the iPhone 13 mini, but comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to spend a little less per month, without compromising on performance or style.

With this deal you get the first six months of your contract at half-price – that’s £25 per month – after paying the upfront cost of £29. You get 100GB of 5G data, which is oodles, plus unlimited minutes. Over the course of the 24 month plan you’ll save over £200.



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