User named Amanda explained her stance on vaccination unchanged

A woman on チクタク has issued a stark warning of the continuing risks of the pandemic after she revealed how a ラスベガス birthday trip left her mother in the ICU with コロナウイルス.

A user named Amanda with the handle @iseeupan posted a short clip showing her enjoying the sights of Vegas before quickly cutting to a clip of her mother in a hospital bed with a ventilator.

“Covid is NOT over, please say a prayer for my mother, she’s currently in the ICU fighting for her life,” Amanda said in a caption alongside the video.

The woman said she and her family had been “bound to [彼らの] home for over a year and wanted a break” before her mother became sick.

She claimed in the comments that her mother, sister and her sister’s girlfriend all caught coronavirus following the birthday trip.

“Simply showing how from one second to the next, life can change dramatically,” the TikToker commented on the now viral video.

The user explained that her mother had not been vaccinated against the virus, but still defended her anti-vaccination stance.

“No one is safe, yeah I’m anti-vaxx but I do believe fragile people like my mum should get the vax,” she コメント according to Yahoo News.

彼女は付け加えた: “Immunity is everything. This is why I came back from Vegas Covid-free. Health is wealth people. It’s not hard.”

The TikTok video has gained over 660,000 views since it was posted by Amanda over the weekend and over 3,600 コメント.

The CDC assures Americans that the coronavirus vaccines being offered to US citizens are “safe and effective” and the agency recommends getting a Covid-19 vaccine “as soon as you can”.

Generally, infection rates have dropped across the US in recent weeks, with a number of states such as New York and Michigan deciding to fully reopen their economies.

しかしながら, the virus still poses the same risks to those in high-risk categories who have not yet been vaccinated, or have chosen not to receive a coronavirus shot.

The emerging Delta variant of the virus, thought to be between 40 per cent and 80 per cent more transmissible, is causing growing concern among health experts.


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