テレビのアップグレードの時間? これらは、今年8月に見つけた最高のテレビ番組です。

テレビのアップグレードの時間? これらは、今年8月に見つけた最高のテレビ番組です。
The best TV deals in August in the UK for 4K, OLED, QLED and HDR smart TVs including discounts on Sony and Samsung from Amazon, ジョンルイスなど

Considering a TV upgrade? Whether you’re after a wider screen or sharper picture quality, we’ve pulled together some of the best discounts on big-brand TVs this August.

If you’re not quite sure which type of TV is right for you, keep in mind that bigger doesn’t always mean better. You can find great bargains on 1080p (or Full HD) televisions, but while that resolution will be supported for years to come, 4K displays (or Ultra HD) are now becoming standard. They’re also cheaper than you might think – you can find decent 4K televisions for well under £1,000.

OLED and QLED TVs are the cutting edge, using per-pixel or regional backlighting to produce excellent contrast and darker blacks, but they’re expensive. LCD is the entry-level panel technology, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that means low-quality. The best LCD TVs look far better than the cheapest LED TVs.

Also consider image processing features: these reduce motion blur and dynamically adjust contrast for the best possible picture. Fast refresh rates can greatly improve the look of football games and other fast-moving sports. Upscaling – how a 4K television interprets and displays standard definition content – is important too. Bad upscaling can make older programmes look blurry and woozy.


All of the TVs in our list are 4K. You can buy 8K televisions, which do look noticeably sharper on very large sets, but the technology is in its infancy and still exorbitantly expensive. There are also currently no broadcasts in 8K, so you wouldn’t gain any additional fidelity while watching コロネーションストリート. Most screens also offer HDR – high dynamic range – which enables a TV to show detail in dark shadows and bright highlights at the same time.

Whether you’re after a bargain 55-inch TV for the family or a supersize glossy 75-inch TV deal to stream your favourite shows in all their glory, here’s our pick of the top TV offers you can snap up this month.

The best TV deals for August 2021 in the UK are:

  • 65に – Samsung QE65Q60T: Was £1,099, 今£799, Argos.co.uk
  • 55に – LG OLED55A16LA: Was £1,499, now £1,099, Johnlewis.com
  • 65に – Philips 65OLED805: Was £1,799, now £1,649, Currys.co.uk
  • 65に – Samsung the frame QE65LS03AAUXXU: Was £1,999, now £1,799, Currys.co.uk
  • 55に- Hisense社55AE7400FTUK: 599ポンドだった, now £449, Amazon.co.uk
  • 43に – LG 43UN71006LB: £479.99でした, 今£389, Amazon.co.uk
  • 43に – サムスン 2021 43AU8000で: £549でした, now £469.99, Amazon.co.uk
  • 55に – Samsung UE55TU8300KXXU 55in curved 4K TV: £699でした, now £599, Very.co.uk

Samsung QE65Q60T: Was £1,099, 今£799, Argos.co.uk

すでに安いQLEDスマートテレビ, the 65in Samsung Q60T offers fantastic image quality, 映画のような色再現と、HDR10 +処理やAIアップスケーリングなどのSamsungのハイエンド機能. This top TV is the cheapest it’s ever been at Argos right now – other retailers stocking it at this price have quickly sold out.


LG OLED55A16LA: Was £1,499, now £1,099, Johnlewis.com

An entry-level OLED that doesn’t skimp on picture quality, this 55in 4K HDR TV is 33 per cent off at John Lewis. The LG A1 features the manufacturer’s cutting edge picture technology, delivering superb contrast, deep blacks and per-pixel backlighting.


Philips 65OLED805: Was £1,799, now £1,649, Currys.co.uk

This smart 4K HDR OLED TV comes equipped with the Google Assistant, as well as Philips Ambilight technology, which illuminates the wall behind your screen with matching colours to create an immersive viewing experience. It’s not the biggest discount you’ll find on this page, but it’s certainly one of the best TVs available as of now, so finding any deal is a bit of a steal.


Samsung the frame QE65LS03AAUXXU: Was £1,999, now £1,799, Currys.co.uk

The frame is designed to blend into its surroundings, not only functioning as a pin-sharp and high-quality 4K QLED smart TV, but as a convincing photo frame when not in use. An ambient light sensor adjusts the screen brightness to achieve a natural, paper-like quality, while near-invisible wiring and clever cable management box ensures your living room looks clutter-free.


Best TV deals under £500

Hisense社55AE7400FTUK: 599ポンドだった, now £449, Amazon.co.uk

ザ・ 2020 この55インチ4Kスマートテレビのモデルには、Alexa音声アシスタントが組み込まれています. ドルビービジョンHDRは、崇高なコントラストと深い黒を実現します, 一方、DTSオーディオ処理は、外部スピーカーを使用しなくてもサウンドの明瞭さを向上させます.


LG 43UN71006LB: £479.99でした, 今£389, Amazon.co.uk

LGはあなたが買うことができるいくつかの最高の予算のテレビを作ります, そしてその 2020 そのエントリーレベルのLEDスクリーンのバージョンも例外ではありません. 広い視野角と鮮明な画質を備えたスマートな4Kテレビ, 居間のコーナーに最適です, 箱から出してすぐにリッチなサウンドを提供し、LGのクラス最高のユーザーインターフェイスを搭載.


サムスン 2021 43AU8000で: £549でした, now £469.99, Amazon.co.uk

エントリーレベルの4Kテレビ, サムスンAU8000はLEDディスプレイを使用しています, ハイエンドのOLEDやQLEDスクリーンほどリッチではありませんが, 鮮やかなカラーパレットとダイナミックなコントラスト比を生み出します. With £50 off, the AU8000 is better value than ever.


Best TV deals under £800

Samsung UE55TU8300KXXU 55in curved 4K TV: £699でした, now £599, Very.co.uk

Curved TVs help immerse you in the scene by having more of the display aimed towards where you’re sitting. The effect is most noticeable on larger sets, like this excellent Samsung 4K TV, which has rich and lusciously detailed picture quality. Compatible with all the main voice assistants, the TV can also become the central hub of your smart home.


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