Ladrões de TJ Maxx vistos com armas cheias de bens roubados em vídeo viral

Ladrões de TJ Maxx vistos com armas cheias de bens roubados em vídeo viral
‘That’s sending a message thatthe criminals, are winning,’ says senior police officer

A video of two men walking out of a store in Os anjos went viral this week, and again raised alarm bells on a rise of crime in a number of major US cities.

The footage, which appeared on Instagram, shows two men walking out of a Tj Maxx store in Granada Hill, a suburb around 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, with what appeared to be stolen goods. It took place in broad daylight.

One of the men appeared to be carrying an oversized duffel bag on his back with stolen items inside of it, and the other was carrying jeans and jackets, among other items, in his arms.

The duo walked out of the store without any challenge from security or TJ Maxx staff.

As the two men and the man filming walk out of the store and towards a getaway car, one of the men can be heard saying “that look’s great”, of the allegedly stolen goods. The man filming adds “I want to see how far you guys get”.

The video, which was shared by Instagram user “inflnzr”, has since been viewed more than 8,000 times on Instagram, ends with the men driving off.

Sgt Jerretta Sandoz, of the Los Angeles Police Department, said in an interview with CBS that it was the fault of Proposition 47, which lowered criminal sentences for thefts of less than $950 (£690) in value.

Sgt Sandoz told the network: “They didn’t even run out, they walked out, and so, that’s sending a message thatthe criminals, are winning.”

Shoplifting incidents have been on an apparent rise in cities throughout Califórnia since Proposition was introduced in 2014, com 75 per cent of retailers reporting an increase in retail thefts in 2020, de acordo com EUA hoje.

“The employees at TJ Maxx have been told that, in these specific circumstances, it’s not worth it for you to go and physically attack, physically stop people that are walking out with this inventory,” added Sgt Sandoz. “Because these businesses have insurance.”

O Independente has reached out to TKJ Maxx for comment.

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