Toast of London is returning for a spin-off series

Toast of London is returning for a spin-off series
New series will see failing actor Toast leave Britain for Hollywood

Matt Berry is set to reprise the character of Steven Toast in a new Toast of London spin-off series.

The What We Do in the Shadows actor and comedian will star in Toast in America, which marks the character’s switch from Channel 4 to the BBC.

Speaking to Chortle, co-creator Arthur Mathews revealed that the new series has already been written and will see Toast head to the US in search of career success.

“The idea is that he leaves Britain and goes to Hollywood,” Mathews said, explaining that filming was scheduled to begin in 2021.

“It’s set in America but it’ll be shot in Britain; they’ve been doing that for years, like they did with [BBC sitcom] Episodes.”

The spin-off series will air on the BBC, rather than Channel 4

Toast of London stars Berry as Toast, an old-fashioned and eccentric actor struggling to find work in contemporary London. Harry Peacock, Doon Mackichan, Robert Bathurst and Tracy-Ann Oberman make up the supporting cast.

The Bafta-winning show is known for its surreal and absurdist comedic style, with each episode featuring original songs written by Berry.

Toast of London ran for three seasons on Channel 4 from 2013 to 2015, but has since gained a cult following both in the UK and abroad through Netflix.


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