Today’s latest Xbox series X stock updates – follow live

Today’s latest Xbox series X stock updates – follow live
Where can you buy an Xbox series X in the UK today? Follow live for the latest Xbox series X restock updates from Argos, Jeu, John lewis, Currys et plus

<p>More retailers are expected to have stock this week</p><p>More retailers are expected to have stock this week</p>

More retailers are expected to have stock this week

le Xbox série X lancé en novembre 2020, but supply chain issues and a global shortage of semiconductors, caused the production of Microsoft’s next-generation console to slow to a trickle.

While the less powerful Xbox series S is easier to find in most UK stores, the flagship Xbox série X console continues to be sold out everywhere. The limited number of consoles that do make it to the shelves sell out at lightning speed, which is why you should bookmark this Xbox series X stock tracker.

If you’re want to know where to buy an Xbox series X today, nous avons ce qu'il vous faut. We’ll update you with stock drops as soon as they happen, ainsi que toutes les nouvelles sur les dates de réapprovisionnement prévues et les événements marquants. il existe une vaste gamme d'accessoires qui ne font qu'ajouter à sa polyvalence.

Vérifiez le stock des détaillants britanniques Xbox Series X ci-dessous:


Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth upgrading your Xbox one X to the new Xbox series X, it’s worth getting to grips with the differences in the consoles. Premièrement, the new-gen device is capable of hitting higher framerates, which will almost entirely reduce load time. But that’s not all, it boasts better visuals, graphics and performance.

If you’re still on the fence about it, our writer was lucky enough to get his hands on the console, praising it in his revoir for being “a thunderously powerful next-generation console, just waiting to get started”.

To find out more, read our in-depth review of the Xbox series X – we’re sure you’ll want to upgrade your Xbox one X then

Half a year after it launched, is now the time buy the Xbox series X?

Microsoft’s next-gen console is smart, powerful, and impossible to find. Read our review of the Xbox series X

Eva Waite-Taylor30 juillet 2021 10:00

The Xbox Series X controller you need

If you’re one of the lucky few that have managed to secure the elusive Xbox series X console, toutes nos félicitations! And if you’re searching for a new controller, we’ve found the one for you.

Microsoft Xbox series X & S controller – carbon black: 44,99 £,

Make your gaming experience even more immersive with this controller, designed especially with the Xbox series X and Xbox series S in mind. You’ll be able to stay on target thanks to the textured grip and hybrid D-pad, while seamlessly capture and share images and content with the dedicated “share” button. It’s also available in a striking red (54,99 £,

A no-brainer if you’ve managed to nab the console, sûrement?

Eva Waite-Taylor30 juillet 2021 09:45

Xbox game pass unlimited

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service is widely billed as gaming’s answer to Netflix, it offers players a library of more than 100 Jeux, which subscribers are free to download and play at their leisure.

Xbox Games Pass Ultimate costs £10.99 per month (ou alors $14.99 aux Etats-Unis). It covers both the console and PC versions of Game Pass, plus Xbox Live Gold, as well as a host of bonuses.

Is it worth the money? Our explainer on this will provide a much lengthier answer but in short, it’s a pretty definitive “yes”. When you consider the high (and incrementally rising) price of new blockbuster game releases – now as high as £69.99 for some of the biggest games – the chance for hundreds of games at a fraction of the cost seems like a no-brainer.

Eva Waite-Taylor30 juillet 2021 09:30

Where to find an Xbox Series X

Bonjour, Chasseurs de Xbox!

Happy Friday and welcome to today’s Xbox series stock tracking liveblog – your go-to destination for the latest news and intel. We’re here tracking the availability of the next-gen console, so you’ll be the first to know if any stock drops occur.

Restocks are slowing – we saw a restock at Box this week, while last week, a small number of consoles were made available at Très et Argos. Mais, don’t be disheartened we’re sure to see some new drops soon, et bien sur, you’ll be the first to know.

Eva Waite-Taylor30 juillet 2021 09:15

Xbox stock trackers, signing off

Thank you for joining us today! As UK retailers close their shutters, we’re downing our Xbox series X stock checking tools for the rest of the evening.

Today brought us a riveting Xbox restock by The Game Collection, which had the lifespan of a mayfly but lit a fire in our hearts.

It follows a restock earlier this week by Boîte, as well as a smattering of consoles from Très et Argos. While the frequency of new stock is slowly increasing, supply of Microsoft’s next-generation console is still down to a trickle. We’re still awaiting the kind of hefty, chonky restocks we were seeing earlier in the year.

Et après? Well we think John lewis could restock at 7am, so keep an eye on them tomorrow morning. Then tune back into our Xbox series X stock tracking blog for updates throughout the day.


Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 17:09

What about a Nintendo Switch OLED?

If you struggled to grab an Xbox series X at the Amazon restock this morning, why not try your hand at pre-ordering a Nintendo Switch OLED instead? Son également out of stock everywhere, so it’s just as much fun!

Just as we do with the Xbox série X et le PS5, we’ve already begun tracking pre-order availability of the Nintendo Switch OLED (309,99 £, The console will be released in October.

La précommande Nintendo Switch OLED est en direct sur Amazon – et cela ira probablement vite

La Nintendo Switch OLED est disponible en précommande au Royaume-Uni. Voici où l'acheter, son prix, date de sortie, spécifications, autonomie de la batterie et plus

Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 16:23

The Xbox series S is now available as a suitcase

Rather than sitting around waiting for more Xbox stock to show up, why not book your first post-pandemic holiday? You’ll need a new suitcase of course.

il existe une vaste gamme d'accessoires qui ne font qu'ajouter à sa polyvalence, Microsoft has collaborated with luggage company July to create an Xbox series S themed carry-on case, which also doubles as a travel case for your Xbox series S.

The case comes with a built-in TV, so you can play Flight Simulator (59,99 £, Trè while waiting in the departure lounge.

Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 16:08

I spilled soil in my Xbox series X

While we wait for new stock to appear, here’s a short personal update from your favourite Xbox series X stock tracker.

I knocked a plant pot over and spilled some soil into my own Xbox series X. The console has a large, open air-vent on top, which is perfectly designed for catching sand, dirt and other types of flying sediment.

Heureusement, the Xbox series X is easy to open up and clean out, and after some tidying up with a can of compressed air it hasn’t suffered any lasting damage. I also discovered a nice Master Chief easter egg hiding inside.

Those of us lucky enough to own an Xbox series X are among the least deserving.

En tous cas, back to scanning for new stock.

Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 15:44

Here’s how to play Xbox games on your PC

Still waiting on an Xbox series X? Well this might tide you over until they’re back in stock: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can play a selection of Xbox games on PC right now, thanks to Microsoft’s cloud streaming service. You don’t even need a gaming PC, just a decent internet connection.

Xbox Cloud Gaming streams games straight from Microsoft’s servers to your laptop or phone, via your internet browser or the Xbox app. Comment ça marche? Well it’s a bit like watching a live Twitch stream, except you’re in control. Cloud gaming requires a fast internet connection and membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (£32.99,, which unlocks on-demand access to more than 100 Jeux.

Heureusement, laptops are easier to find than the Xbox series X. If you’re thinking of upgrading, check out our list of the best laptops in 2021.

Le guide ultime des meilleurs ordinateurs portables de 2021

What is the best laptop to buy? We’ve selected the 10 best laptops in 2021 au Royaume-Uni, from Surface laptops and MacBooks to budget laptops from Dell and more

Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 15:03

The Xbox series X is sold out at The Game Collection

And that’s all she wrote. The Game Collection’s short-lived £699 Xbox series X bundle is entirely sold out. We expect they had a very small number of consoles to shift, and a lot of copies of those four games to get rid of too.

Encore, we appreciate the retailer’s 404 page – though would it have killed them to design one with an Xbox controller? Come on guys.

Hopefully you were one of the lucky few to snap one up. Si non, stick with us for more Xbox series X restock updates.

Steve Hogarty29 juillet 2021 14:34

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