Tom Brady adds bitcoin laser eyes to Twitter profile

Tom Brady adds bitcoin laser eyes to Twitter profile
One crypto figure speculates Superbowl champion is ‘loading up’ on cryptocurrency

NFL star Tom Brady has become the latest high-profile figure to add “bitcoin laser eyes” to his Twitter profile picture, aimed at encouraging the cryptocurrency’s price to hit $100,000.

The seven-time Superbowl winner updated his profile image on Monday amid speculation that he has invested in bitcoin.

Crypto advocate Jason Yanowitz originally posted a picture of Tom Brady featuring red lasers for eyes on Twitter, calling for the 43-year-old quarterback to update his profile picture.

“Rumour has it @TomBrady is loading up on bitcoin,” Mr Yanowitz tweeted. “Retweet if you think the GOAT should turn on laser eyes. Let’s make it happen.”

The image was retweeted more than 5,000 times, prompting Mr Brady to ask his followers: “Hmmmm should I change it??”

Bitcoin is currently trading at $57,000, having doubled in price since the start of the year.

Crypto enthusiasts have been updating their online profile pictures to include laser eyes in an effort to push bitcoin towards $100,000, often including the hashtag #LaserRayUntil100k.

Among those to have joined the trend since February 2021 include Tesla boss Elon Musk, billionaire twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, as well as two members of US Congress: Cynthia Lummis and Warren Davidson.

Senator Lummis has been a vocal supporter of bitcoin and decentralised finance during her time in power.

“I want to help other members of the U.S. Senate understand Bitcoin,” she told Bitcoin Magazine in November.

“So my first couple of years probably will just be talking to people about it, explaining what it is, how it works, what it does, what it can do, what it doesn’t do and why I think it should be part of a diversified asset allocation.”


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