Tom Cruise and David Beckham celebrate England goal with fist bump

Tom Cruise and David Beckham celebrate England goal with fist bump
The actor and former footballer are among the famous faces at the tournament’s final at Wembley Stadium

Two celebrity worlds collided at the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, when David Beckham and Tom Cruise found themselves sitting one socially distanced seat away from each other.

Former England captain Beckham was in the stands at Wembley to cheer on his former squad as the team goes head-to-head against Italy for the historic match.

Cruise, an American actor, has emerged as an unlikely fan of the England football team in recent weeks, even giving them an exclusive pre-screening of his new film.

Minutes into the match, left-back Luke Shaw scored the first goal of the game, putting England in the lead.

Expressing their joy with a rather composed celebration, Beckham and Cruise grinned at each other as they extended their arms into a quick fist bump.

The moment did not go unnoticed by fans on social media, with one going as far as saying the fist bump “almost topped Luke Shaw’s goal”.

“Tom Cruise & David Beckham spudding. What a time to be alive,” another person tweeted.

In an interview with BBC Radio5Live on Saturday, England captain Harry Kane revealed that he had received a FaceTime call from Cruise.

“We actually had Tom Cruise get in touch yesterday evening, you get everyone who loves football,” he said.

Kane said the actor had wished the team the best for Sunday’s match and given them a viewing of his new film.

“Yes, we were fortunate enough to have a watch of one of his films so I think he was over here in the UK and he just dialled in and FaceTimed us just to wish us the best as a group so that was nice of him.

“Football is such a big part of the world and it’s nice to have that support from all different types of businesses I guess,” he said.

Beckham, who played for England in three World Cup tournaments and two UEFA Euro tournaments, also attended England’s winning match against Scotland alongside his son, Romeo, in June.


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