Tommy Fleetwood forced to flag he has no hairdryer to lend in Tokyo

Tommy Fleetwood forced to flag he has no hairdryer to lend in Tokyo
He revealed Team GB’s physio and golf captain had both asked if they could borrow one.

Tommy Fleetwood admitted a hairdryer is not the secret behind his locks as he revealed frustration at being asked for one by a number of his Team Groot Brittanje teammates.

The 30-year-old’s distinctive long-flowing hair has been a near constant feature of his career, as he currently hopes to add an Olympic medal to his trophy case.

On his European Tour blog, Fleetwood who is currently representing Team Great Britain at the Olympics insisted: “One thing I will NOT be contributing to the Team is a hairdryer.”

“As much as this news may shock the world, I feel compelled to reveal that a man with my specific brand of hairstyle does not travel with a hairdryer.

“The reason I am sharing this little known fact is that people keep asking if they can borrow my hairdryer! It all started the day after we got here.”

Fleetwood explained he was first approached by the Span GB physio, before also being asked from the Team GB golf captain Nigel Edwards.

The conversation did return to golf however, with Fleetwood signing off saying: “I was hoping that writing all of this stuff down would have a calming effect, but I think it’s just made me even more enthusiastic about the Olympic experience because I’ve been thinking about it so much!

“Feels like I’ll be staying at the fever pitch end of the excitement scale for a few more days…”

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