Tories must name ministers who met with donors, 労働は言う

Tories must name ministers who met with donors, 労働は言う
Tories ‘need to come clean’ on who held meetings with secretive club, says opposition

の椅子 労働 Party is calling on the 保守派 to publish a list of ministers who have met party donors through a secretive club.

Anneliese Dodds has written to Conservative co-chairman Amanda Milling demanding the party “come clean” about the level of access afforded to financial backers as part of the so-called “advisory board”.

The club was developed in a bid to connect Tory supporters with senior figures, による フィナンシャルタイムズ – adding that regular meetings and calls have been held with ボリス・ジョンソン and chancellor リシ・スナック.

The newspaper quoted Mohamed Amersi, a businessman and Tory donor, as saying the club was “like the very elite Quintessentially clients membership: 年間25万ポンドの咳をするか、ベンの友達になる必要があります。」.

The name was a reference to Tory co-chairman ベンエリオット. Following the report, the Tories said an advisory board meets occasionally and receives political updates.

Ms Dodds is demanding the party reveals the purpose of the board, who it has benefited from being a member, and which ministers have attended meetings.

It comes after further claims were made in the サンデータイムズ that Mr Elliot – the Duchess of Cornwall’s nephew – helped Mr Amersi meet the Prince of Wales in exchange for payments of thousands of pounds to his company.

In her letter to Ms Milling, former shadow chancellor Ms Dodds said: “It is in the public interest for you to clarify the workings of this so-called ‘advisory board’ and Mr Elliot’s role in offering a powerful elite exclusive access to the prime minister and the chancellor – purely because of their status as Tory party donors.”

She called for a full list of all donors who have paid to be members of the board to be published, alongside the full complement of government ministers who have attended any meetings or engagements with members of the board, including dates and times.

Ms Dodds added: “The Conservative Party needs to come clean on what access this group had, what they used that access to lobby for, and why it appears that there is one rule for high-ranking Conservatives and another rule for everyone else.

“The way that Boris Johnson and his friends operate seems to be not about what is right but what they can get away with, blurring the boundaries between public and private life.

“There are now serious questions for the Conservative Party to answer about their fundraising techniques.”

Asked about Labour’s demand on Monday, the government’s digital infrastructure minister Matt Warman said: “It’s important we declare everything in line with the rules, and that’s what we do … We will comply with the law as it stands.”


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