Tory equality minister criticised for calling trans women ‘men’ in leaked tape

Tory equality minister criticised for calling trans women ‘men’ in leaked tape
Minister asked ‘what are transsexuals looking for?’ in 2018 parliamentary office conversation

Minister 为了 Equalities Kemi Badenoch called trans 女性 “men” and questioned their campaign for equal rights in a leaked audio recording.

Ms Badenoch, who has just been given a key ministerial position in the Housing ministry, reportedly made the comments in her parliamentary office in 2018, a year after she was elected as an MP.

In the conversation, which was reported by Vice World News, Ms Badenoch seemed to suggest that transgender people had campaigned for increased rights because they wanted to pick a cause. Ms Badenoch argued that politics has moved on from debates about the rights of ethnic minorities, 添加: “It’s not even about sexuality now. It’s now like the whole transgender movement, 在哪里, OK well we’ve got gay marriage, and civil partnerships, so what are transsexuals looking for?”

The phrase transsexual, like transvestite, is often considered outdated and offensive by many trans people.

She then went on to explain the debate around gender-neutral bathrooms, 说: “Even when, you know, 所以, people hear about, you know like the whole bathroom thing, its actually more of an American thing but they have a similar problem, 那, 正确的, so now it’s not just about being free to marry who you want, you now want to have men using women’s bathrooms.”

A government spokesperson defended the comments by saying that Ms Badenoch, who has been minister for equalities since February 2020, was talking about balancing competing demands from different groups.

They said: “The minister for equalities is working hard to deliver for LGBT people, whether that is modernising the process of applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate, driving forward LGBT rights in the workplace, or banning conversion therapy.

“This 2018 comment has been taken out of context, with the minister making a clear point about striking the balance for equality and fairness when there are multiple and often competing demands between different groups. It should not be used to misrepresent her views.”

安吉拉·雷纳, shadow chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, called the comments “disgusting”. 她说: “With hate crimes and transphobia on the rise we need an equalities minister who will stand up for trans people.”

她补充说: “Everyone should be able to be themselves and be celebrated, supported and loved for who they are. The equalities minister should not be in the job if she does not believe that. Solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters today and always. The Labour Party is absolutely committed to advancing trans rights and updating the GRA to introduce self-declaration for trans people and upholding the Equality Act. Your fight is our fight.”

Ms Badenoch is currently tasked with putting together the UK’s first ever global LGBTQ conference, which aims to celebrate “kindness, tolerance and openness”.

John Nicolson, the SNP’s shadow culture secretary and deputy chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT+ Rights, 告诉 Vice News that Badenoch has “no credibility” as equalities minister.

LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall responded to the revelations, 说: “We’re shocked to hear of the comments attributed to the minister, which are both hurtful and harmful to LGBTQ+ communities.”


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