Tourist finds water bottle matching Gabby Petito’s in Carlton Reserve

Tourist finds water bottle matching Gabby Petito’s in Carlton Reserve
North Port police confirmed they had the bottle in their possession

TikTok user Olivia Vitale and her mother visited the newly-reopened Carlton Reserve over the weekend, where they stumbled upon a water bottle that looks nearly identical to the one carried by Gabby Petito.

Ms Vitale was filming her search of the reserve with her mother when she found the bottle lying on the ground. Both the bottle that Ms Vitale recovered and the bottle that Ms Petito carried were of the same type and bore the same placement and pattern of designs.

The bottle was found near the trail where Brian Laundrie’s bones were located.

The women turned the bottle in to the North Port Police Department.

News Nation Now reporter Brian Entin confirmed with the NPPD that the women handed the bottle over to them after locating it in the reserve.

It is currently unclear if the bottle belonged to Ms Petito or Mr Laundrie.

Ms Vitale was not the only one scouring the area for clues over the weekend.

Mr Entin also shared a statement from the NPPD on Sunday claiming that a number of bones and other items turned in to them by searchers were unrelated to the case.

Mr Laundrie’s skeletal remainsincluding part of his skullwere found last Wednesday after his parents, Chris and Roberta, joined the FBI to search the protected swampland. The Laundries decided to go search the area as the park had just reopened to the public the day before. Law enforcement joined the couple on their trek, and shortly after entering the park they located items belonging to Mr Laundrie.

Later daardie dag, Mr Laundrie’s remains were found. A day later, it was confirmed that he had died. There was no conclusive cause of death determined during Mr Laundrie’s autopsy, and his remains have been sent to an anthropologist for further analysis.

Mr Laundrie’s backpack and a notebook were found near the park’s entrance, just off a trail. The FBI believes the notebook may be salvageable.

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