Trump blasts Liz Cheney at rally in Wyoming for her primary opponent

Trump blasts Liz Cheney at rally in Wyoming for her primary opponent
Liz Cheney faces a Republican primary challenger in August

Former president Donald Trump held a rally in Wyoming for a primary challenger to Representative Liz Cheney ahead of the state’s 16 August primary.

The Wyoming incumbent and daughter of former vice president Dick Cheney has emerged as Mr Trump’s biggest enemy within the Republikein Party both for her vote to impeach Mr Trump for his role in inciting the 6 January riot and her subsequent role on the select committee investigating the raid at the Capitol.

“There is no RINO in America who has thrown in her lot with the radical left more than Liz Cheney,” Mr Trump told a crowd in Casper Saturday evening, also criticising Ms Cheney and her father’s hawkish foreign policy impulses.

“Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values. Not one who spends all of her time, going after your president in the most vicious way possible and loving vicious, bloody nonsensical wars.”

The former president highlighted how former president George W Bush did not pardon Mr Cheney’s former chief of staff I Lewis “Scooter” Libby, whom Mr Trump had pardoned when he was president.

Mr Trump had previously endorsed Harriet Hageman, who spoke at the rally ahead of Mr Trump.

“I’m going to claim Wyoming’s lone congressional seat from that Virginian who currently holds it,” sy het gese. Ms Hageman also criticised the 6 January select committee of which Ms Cheney is the vice chairwoman.

“We’re fed up with the January 6th commission and those people who think they can gaslight us,” she said to applause.

Ms Cheney has since become persona non grata within the House GOP.

After initially beating back attempts to remove her as chairwoman of the House Republican conference, Representative Elise Stefanik – previously a moderate – replaced her with the blessing of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Both Mr McCarthy and Ms Stefanik spoke to the crowd in pre-recorded video remarks.

Mr Trump also criticised the use of the word “insurrection.”

“Now you look at the so called word insurrection. January 6th. What a lot of crap," hy het gesê. “Most of this country knows it and you know who else knows it? The Democrats.”

Wyoming will have its primary on 16 Augustus.

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