Le nouveau livre d'images de Trump ridiculisé comme un "vidage de photos Instagram"

Le nouveau livre d'images de Trump ridiculisé comme un "vidage de photos Instagram"
Former president plans pricey book release for next month

Donald Trump’s critics have a new target of mockery as the former president plans the release of his first post-presidential piece of “writing”.

A picture book of more than 300 photos taken during the president’s one term in office is slated for release early next month. Published by a company founded by Mr Trump’s eldest son and a former Trump 2020 campaign staffer, the book is priced at $230 for a signed copy or $74.99 for the regular edition, an expensive gift for the coffee table of a Trump loyalist.

It was the target of mockery on Monday from Jimmy Kimmel, who quipped that it was “an Instagram photo dump” from the Trump presidency.

Donald Trump Jr “claims that his dad picked every single photo and wrote all the captions himself — which is exactly how my son’s preschool teacher describes his projects to his mother,” joked Kimmel on Monday.

He went on to show a number of photos from the book, including one in which he joked Mr Trump was “making a ‘who farted?’ face next to the Queen”, referring to Queen Elizabeth.

The former president is heavily marketing the book as a Christmas present for his followers, proving that he intends to capitalise on his presidential brand as much as possible even as he supposedly contemplates a second White House bid.

The bookchronicles the greatness of the last four years with powerful images unlike anything else that has been published”, Mr Trump said in a statement.

L'indépendant has reached out to Mr Trump’s office for reaction to Kimmel’s mockery.

Kimmel wasn’t the only one to take aim at the book release. A number of Twitter users mocked the former president’s choice of a picture book rather than traditional writing for his first post-presidential offering, among them Illinois congressman and Trump impeachment-supporter Adam Kinzinger.

“Anything for cash! Seulement $75 dollars for a book of pictures," a-t-il tweeté.

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