La Turquie devrait sortir de la liste rouge de Covid à temps pour la mi-mandat

La Turquie devrait sortir de la liste rouge de Covid à temps pour la mi-mandat
Ministers are reportedly opening up dozens of countries and scrapping the amber list

Britanique holidaymakers will be told on Friday that they can now travel to Turquie, it is reported, as the government announces its much-anticipated review of the Covid travel lists.

Dozens of other countries, including the Maldives, South Africa and Sri Lanka, are also rumoured to be moving off the government’s no-go list, with transport secretary Grant Shapps expected to announce a simplified version of the traffic light system that removes the amber classification altogether.

Countries will instead be divided into either a liste verte ou un liste rouge, eliminating the “grey area” travellers have complained of since the system was introduced earlier this year.

Par conséquent, the red list that bans international travel to 62 countries is expected to be more than halved, Les temps rapports, in what will be the government’s most significant easing of travel restrictions since they were first imposed.

Red list travel currently requires passengers to pay £2,285 to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 11 nights on their return to the UK.

Turquie, which was added to the red list in early May, is expected to be among the countries that will be opened up for international travel again.

It is one of the UK’s most popular winter sun destinations, particularly in October half-term destinations with average highs of 26C. Dans 2019, more than two million Britons holidayed in the country, selon l'Office des statistiques nationales (NOUS).

pendant ce temps, the requirement for pre-flight tests to be PCR standard could be relaxed to allow cheaper lateral flow tests, saving money for thousands of travellers, Il a été rapporté.

While the cost of the “day 2” PCR test has fallen under intense scrutiny, by both travellers and Britain’s competition watchdog, health secretary Sajid Javid recently indicated they could be scrapped for fully vaccinated travellers returning to the UK. A cheaper and quicker lateral flow test will be required instead.

De même, the requirement to take a pre-departure lateral flow test up to 72 hours before boarding UK-bound flights and ferries could also be scrapped for vaccinated travellers, saving them about £30 each.

Data expert Tim White said on Thursday he thought at least 12 countries were being taken off the red list, under a new system focusing on variants of concern.

“The countries are Argentina, Bangladesh, République dominicaine, Indonésie, Kenya, Maldives, Mexique, Pakistan, Pérou, Afrique du Sud, Sri Lanka et Turquie,” he told Sky News.

« Si prudent, Mexico may need to stay a while longer and Dominican Republic needs help to conduct genomic sequencing.”

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